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March 31, 2013

Help Aria Hatch Her Eggs

What Kind of Pet will YOU Hatch?

Spring is here, and Aria's found a basketful of unhatched eggs. She thinks they may have rare pets inside them and needs your help to hatch them! Are you up for a quest today?


How Do I Hatch My Egg?

Good question! Here's what you'll need to do to hatch a new pet!

  1. Buy 1 of the eggs from my Egg Shop. 
  2. Begin 1 of the quests that match your egg type. If you bought a Golden Egg, go on 1 of the Golden Egg quests. If you bought a Platinum Egg, go on 1 of the Platinum quests.
  3. Turn it in and save the Flame rewards you get.
  4. Come back on Wednesday. My friend Cabdury will send you on a quest for a special Hammer. 
  5. Merge your Egg, the Flames from my quests, and Cabdury's Hammer to hatch your pet!

What Kind of Pets Can I Get?

That's part of the surprise! But here's a breakdown of the hints:

If you buy a Golden Egg, you can quest to get merge items for1 of 4 DIFFERENT pets (or buy 4 eggs to get them all):

  • Cracking Golden Pet
  • Rustling Golden Pet
  • Slimy Golden Pet
  • Smelly Golden Pet

If you buy a Platinum Egg, you can quest to get merge items for1 of 4 DIFFERENT pets (or buy 4 eggs to get them all):

  • Cracking Platinum Pet
  • Rustling Platinum Pet
  • Slimy Platinum Pet
  • Smelly Platinum Pet

Each quest gives a unique merge item to hatch a different pet!

Though the names for the different Golden and Platinum pets are similiar, the art for the different pets is not the same! You can buy both types of Eggs, but will need to do the quests for each egg's specific merge items.

What About the Hammer I Need?

The only thing I don't have that we need is a Hammer to cracked the hardened Egg Shell! My friend Cabdury will arrive in Battleon this Wednesday. Return then and he'll send you on a quest for a special egg-hammer. Then use the egg, flames, and hammer in the Pet Hatching Shop to get your new pet! 

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