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September 01, 2021

September Spirit Scarves

Uniting heroes in spirit and pride

Heroes from around the world battle through AdventureQuest Worlds, and take pride in who they are and where their families come from. We want to help you share the love, spirit, and pride you feel with your new friends, family, guild members, and more.That's why we began adding in spirit scarves.

Battle the Zard in Battleon until September 30th to get the 0 AC Spirit Scarves for countries celebrating their national days in September. These items will return each year, so future heroes can enjoy it, too.

  • Botswana Spirit Scarf 
  • Brasil Spirit Scarf 
  • Chile Spirit Scarf 
  • Costa Rica Spirit Scarf 
  • El Salvador Spirit Scarf 
  • Guatemala Spirit Scarf 
  • Guinea-Bissau Spirit Scarf 
  • Honduras Spirit Scarf 
  • Macedonia Spirit Scarf 
  • Mexico Spirit Scarf 
  • Nepal Spirit Scarf 
  • Nicaragua Spirit Scarf 
  • San Marino Spirit Scarf 
  • Saudi Arabia Spirit Scarf 
  • Uzbekistan Spirit Scarf 
  • Vietnam Spirit Scarf + Striped Spirit Scarf 

Our new current project, spear-headed by AE graphic designer Adam1a1, is adding in flag house banners. Keep an eye out on Twitter for more previews.

What about my country? Never fear, heroes!

We know many of you are passionate about your home, your history, and your family. Check the wiki to see if your country's Spirit Scarf already drops. If it doesn't, send me a message on Twitter using the hashtag #AQWSpiritScarf and we'll add one for you next year.

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