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November 26, 2021

Now available: Dark Holiday 2021 Gear

The darkest gear of the year is here!

Our Dark Holiday 2021 Collection, featuring a backpack FULL of new Black Friday rares, is now available in Battleon! Find dark variants of your favorite gear arrive, plus all-new sets created just for this shop. The seasonal Black Friday gear also returns. Read on for more information about the gear you'll find in the shop this weekend!

Dark Holiday 2021 Collection Chest: Unlock 175+ items

Rare collectors, take note! The Dark Holiday 2021 Collection Chest -- with all of the new seasonal and rare event items -- will be available for 10,000 ACs and contains ALL of the Dark Holiday 2021 rare + new seasonal shop items (over 50,000 ACs worth of gear)

Dark Holiday 2021 Collection Chest contains:

  • Dage the Obsidian armor, helm, cape, sword
  • Cyber J6 armor + helm
  • Dark Celestial Avenger armor, helms, capes, and weapons
  • Shadowed Gothika armor
  • Onyx Dragon of Time
  • Rose Warrior Coif
  • Enchanted Obsidian and Cyber Frostreaver blades
  • Dark Gothic Casket Mace
  • Dark Celestial Guardian armor
  • Obsidian T-421 armor
  • Dark Apocalyptic Conqueror's armor and helms
  • Onyx Mage Robes and Cowl
  • Onyx Vampire of Nulgath armor + helm
  • Onyx ZombieSlayer armor
  • Shadow's Costume
  • Shadow Witch + Warlock armor + helms
  • Royal Legion Vampire, Enchanted Shadow Vampire, Rosy Legion Vampire sets
  • Onyx Drone Pet
  • Dark Avenger's axes + Reaver
  • Onyx Monarch of Monsters armor + helms
  • Black Blood Fiend of Nulgath
  • Obsidian Halo of Nulgath
  • Onyx Wings of Nulgath
  • Shadow Leeches of Nulgath
  • Darkfiend Backblades of Nulgath
  • Dark Fangs of Nulgath
  • Obsidian Fury armor, helms, cape, and blade*
  • Neon Sage and Void of Revontheus
  • Onyx Shinobi armor, helms, capes, weapons
  • Shadow Vordred Armor + Sword
  • Shadowed Drow Helm
  • Shadow Ripper + Miasma Blades
  • Cyber Dread Paladin + Saw Variant
  • Dark McLuck armor + helm
  • Arata Gamer Gear armor, helms, capes, weapons
  • DeathWealker and Cloaked DeathWalker armor, helms, capes, weapons
  • plus more gear to come on Cyber Monday!

* If you purchased the Golden Fury upgrade pack, you will find these variants for free in your Book of Lore badge shop.

Undead Legion Token Merge:

  • Shadowed Legion Vampire armor
  • Shadowed Legion Vampire helm
  • Shadowed Legion Vampire bats

These items are available for Legion Tokens in the Undead Legion Merge shop, and will go rare on December 10th, 2021.

Dark Holiday 2021 drops from the BOGO DRONE Prime in /blackfridaywar:

  • Onyx Masquerade armor, helms, and fan (seasonal)
  • Chocolate Cake Helm + Pink Cake Helm (rare)
  • Rose Glasses and Rose Hunting Hood helms (seasonal)
  • Shadow Demonhunter + Demonhuntress Horns (rare)
  • Shadow Vordred Helm (seasonal)

Read on for important information

A few important tips to remember:

  • All of this year's event rare items are available individually from the Black Friday Shop in your game menu until the event leaves December 10th.
  • The Hollowborn Collection Chest is a seasonal item and will not be included in the Dark Holiday Collection Chest.
  • In order to prevent shop abuse, the Dark Holiday 2021 Collection Chest and DeadM0g pet cannot be sold.

New HollowBorn Boss Battle

This weekend, /join hbchallenge and find Hel Fö, the Hollowborn Judge's disciple. She passes judgements handed down by the ShadowFiend. No matter the outcome of the judgment, it will always be fair... and the Hollowborn Judge's sentence is final. Complete her quests to collect Hollowborn Writs, then use them in the merge shop to an all-new set of gear.

Next week: the pieces of the Hollowborn DoomKnight set will arrive, but you can begin farming for them now!
Note: The /shadowharvest map has been renamed to /shadowcliff. The maps are now permanently available. Happy Hollowborn reward farming!

HollowBorn Collection Chest

The Hollowborn Evoker set, created for Black Friday by AQW Community artist, Yo Lae, is a Black Friday seasonal  collection chest. Unlock a TON of dark, deadly items for 5,000 AdventureCoins when you get the Hollowborn Chest pet (items available in the pet's shop).

The Hollowborn Collection includes:

  • Hollowborn Collection chest pet (has shop for all the gear)
  • Hollowborn Lightning pet (with quest for character page badge)

The Hollowborn Chest is seasonal, and will return every Black Friday. (Please note, the Hollowborn Chest does not receive new items each year, and will not receive the 2021 Hollowborn Judge or DoomKnight farming items. You can battle the boss this weekend to unlock those.)

We’re very sorry, but we cannot offer exchanges or compensation or exchanges on IoDA choices when an item is recoloured and released for Black Friday or Cyber Monday anymore.  The IoDA program allows you to access rare items you would not otherwise have access to. Due to this, and the fact that recolours are not the same as the original items, we can no longer give any additions bonus or compensation for these items.

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