Design Notes

November 24, 2021

Happy Harvest Fest, Heroes!

New Boss Battle, New Rewards, and New Rare Items

Greetings and good eatings, hero! The Harvest Queen has finally arrived to help you, Oishii, and all your friends celebrate! She is fresh off the vine and ready to dine… on you! JUST KIDDING! (That's the job of her royal spouse, the Great Pumpking.) She's here with sweet treats to reward you for surviving another year, and to give you an opportunity to reap what you sow. 

We've got a bountiful release for you this weekend:

  • /join harvestqueen to battle the boss + get reward drops
  • /join stonewood to complete VORDRED'S new quest for the Skullbreaker Knight gear
  • Return this Friday for our Black Friday Collection and seasonal event maps

Harvest Treats for Victorious Heroes

Talk to Gourdlin in /harvestqueen, then defeat his mistress to collect all of the pieces of this year's sweet new seasonal sets, the CandyCorn Sweater outfit, Pumpkin Magus set, and the Pumpkin House.

Featured Rare Gear Set: Vordred's Knight

Find the color-customizable rare Vordred's Knight armor, helms, DOOM Blade, spear, Reavers, and Vordred's Shadow Axe of Destiny in the Featured Gear Shop in your Game Menu until December 10th!

The shop contains:

  • Vordred's Knight armor
  • Hood, Shadow Hood, and Hooded Skull helms
  • Spikes, Cloak, and Spiked Cloak capes
  • Vordred's DOOM Blade
  • Vordred's Knight Spear
  • Vordred's Knight Reaver and Dual Reavers
  • Vordred's Knight Dagger
  • Vordred's Knight Axe + Blade
  • Vordred's Shadow Axe of Destiny

We've also got a permanent (non-color customizable) farming version of the Vordred's Knight set! Talk to VORDRED in /stonewood. He's got two new quests for you to unlock the pieces of the SkullBreaker Knight set. 

Learn his ways of TALKING IN ALL CAPS AND BREAKING SKULLS! (Members: you have an exclusive quest to get double the amount of merge resources)

Server + Client Updates

Log in now to check out all of the new features, fixes, and Advanced Options menu updates from Spider and Captain Rhubarb! Thanks to all of the team testers (and last night's late night player testers) who gave early feedback and bug reports. 

OMG 3.001 - 11/17/2021

# Additions
- Added a "search" box to the house inventory, house bank, and regular bank
- Added a new "Character Select" screen (Must be turned on in Advanced Options) (Does not work for users who  log in through the blue Facebook button)
- Added an "equip" button for houses in the house inventory (no unequip button)
- Max stack counter for temporary items
- New Gun Animations (for HandGun and Rifle)
- New Item Type: Gauntlet
- New Item Type: HandGun
- New Item Type: Misc
- New Item Type: Rifle
- New Item Type: Whip
- New Whip Animations

# Fixes
- Fixed "Hide Ads" from Death not properly saving
- Fixed DoT resistance showing a negative value when it should be positive in the "Stats Panel"
- Fixed a full item inventory preventing you from picking up house items
- Fixed an issue with house items bypassing the inventory limit after transferring from bank
- Fixed bank <-> inventory item transfer being interrupted when the player closes the bank interface too fast
- Fixed friends list still being capped at 125 when it should be 225
- Fixed mount armors
- Fixed non-working link in the "Currency Help" interface
- Fixed the "search" term persisting for the bank
- Fixed the "search" term persisting for the inventory
- Fixed the issue of the "Item Inventory" button showing at the bottom of the shop interface
- Fixed the issue with the bank scrolling to the top when making changes to the bank items
- Fixed the options interface opening at the same time as other interfaces
- Fixed wrong backhairs showing in cutscenes (?)

# Changes
- "Target Random Monster" is smarter and makes sure that the next random monster isn't one you're already targetting
- Buying an item from a shop when said item is in the bank is now allowed
- Chat warning text color is now a darker shade of red
- Friends list refreshes after 30 seconds (open and close to trigger) (does not work in combat)
- Item Block List is now alphabetized
- Lowered "Cancel Combat" cooldown to match your class's auto attack cooldown (Minimum of 2 seconds)
- Monsters now face the player correctly after a respawn
- Tweaked Chat UI's "Minimal Mode" functionality and made messages disappear after 45 seconds

# Removals
- Removed inaccurate hover tooltip text for stats in the inventory

OMG 3.002 - 11/23/2021

# Changes
- Changed "Character Select Screen" into an Advanced Option
- Change "Character Select Screen"'s password box to white color
- Removed stacking UIs in "Character Select Screen"

# Fixes
- Removed new house code that accidentally rolled out
- Fixed "Character Select Screen" not obeying "Hide Helm" and "Hide Cloak"
- Fixed "back" button in the "Character Select Screen" going to the server select screen
- Fixed Server List button in options redirecting straight to the "Character Select Screen"
- Fixed "Add New Character" button in the "Character Select Screen" going directly to the server select screen
- Fixed Misc items not being able to be previewed in the bank

OMG 3.003 - 11/24/2021

# Changes
- Censor Profanity setting is now account based (will not save until friday)

# Fixes
- Fixed NaN display in the "Battle Analyzer"
- Fixed "Battle Analyzer" clearing on stop
- Fixed "Character Select Screen" not properly deleting characters
Players will have their Character Select Screen reset once for this fix

Leaving Soon: mark your calendars

Don't miss out on your favorite limited time events, stories, and gear! 

November 30:

  • Daily gifts released between Nov 1 - 15
  • Harvest Hunters seasonal set

December 10th:

  • Black Friday 2021 Collection Chest
  • Harvest Events and seasonal rewards

Flash is Dead. AQWorlds lives on with the Artix Games Launcher!

Adobe, the maker of the Flash Player plug-in, stopped supporting Flash. But never fear! We built the Artix Games Launcher so you can continue playing AdventureQuest Worlds and your other favorite Artix Entertainment games.

Download the Launcher at, then log in and get back to battling right from your computer. No Flash Player or web browser needed.

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