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July 02, 2024

Iconic ArtifactQuest Hunt

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Last week, we met Edden, a new TreasureHunter in the ShadowRealm. Today, he needs your help to unlock a mysterious chest and its legendary treasure! Talk to him now to begin your adventure, but be prepared... this is a 5 star treasure hunt (the hardest difficulty), so you'll need to work if you want this iconic artifact! Read on for more details!

Edden, the Hollowborn TreasureHunter, found a treasure chest from one of his previous journeys that he's never been able to open. But what he DID discover is that five very special runes are required, and that without those runes, any attempt to open the chest would destroy it. 

You know what that means... time to begin hunting!

This week's seasonal, 0 AC rewards include:

  • Artifact of Mystery (single-wield)
  • Artifact of Mystery (dual-wield)
  • Miniature house guard (0 AC, available for all heroes, 1% drop rate)
  • Giant animated house guard (0 AC, member-only, 1% drop rate)

Treasure Hunt Notes

Hint Locations: Each time you successfully locate a rune, check your temporary inventory. You'll find a hint on where to go next in its item description. 

Adventure Requirements: to begin today's update, you'll need to have completed the Whispering Helmet questline in the /ShadowRealm.

Rewards will be permanently available.

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