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April 22, 2024

Game News: April 22 - 28

Read on for the latest news and information

Our flood of Spring updates continues this week with new rewards, rares, and the arrival of some much-anticipated gear. Get the latest details on this week's news, Treasure Hunt, Boosts, find out more about this weekend's new update.

Tuesday, April 23: Darkon's Harvest

It is a foolish king who sows seeds of injustice. Wise gardeners wait patiently, tools in hand, ready to reap their rewards when the harvest time comes. As we prepare for the arrival of Darkon's Class of Madness this Friday, return to Astravia and battle to craft 2 new 0 AC weapons!

Rewards include:

  • Astravian Sickle (0 AC, monster drop)
  • Karmic Battlegear (0 AC, in the Astravian Merge Shop)


  • Talk to La to complete the Isolani quest in /Astravia to unlock the Astravian Merge Shop
  • Karmic Battlegear requires the Astravia Mercenary's Boomstick and the Astravian Sickle

Other updates going live today

  • Bujin DoomKnight Mask helm added to the Yokai Realm Merge
  • Enchanted Bujin DoomKnight Mask added to the Featured Gear Shop

Wednesday, April 24: Class Previews

Check out these sneak peeks of the Class Icons from Lae... 

... and one of the skill animations from Darkon!

Thursday, April 25: Spirit Orbs + Metals Boost

Get double rewards as you battle to create your Blinding Light of Destiny Axe through next Wednesday.

Spirit Orb Quests

  • Essential Essences
  • Bust Some Dust

Get x10, x20, x30, or x40 Spirit Orbs while the boost is on!
(Regular reward quantity: x5, x10, x15, or x20)

Minecrafting Metal Quest

Choose your reward from the list of Metal resources; get x2 Metals while the boost is on.
(Regular reward quantity: x1 Metals)

Arcana Invoker Class Update

Arcana Invoker will be acquired at rank 1, like other classes. Previously, we thought it could be acquired at rank 5, but an issue is currently preventing this. The class will not have a rank 4 passive in the traditional sense, but its rank 10 passive provides more effects than the average one to make up for it.

Friday, April 26: Update Details

Get a first look at what's coming in this weekend's upcoming game release!

  • New Class: Darkon's Arcana Invoker end-game class
  • Rewards of Madness: new gear for all players in the /garden + other Astravian zones
  • Treasure Chest: Urban Dragon Warrior set + Battlegear of Madness
  • Featured Gear: Urban Dragon Warrior set, Battlegear of Madness + more

Events + Gear Leaving Soon

April 26th

  • Draconic Assassin set leaves the Featured Gear Shop
  • Enchanted Stylish Qipao gear moves to only the Haku Village Shop

May 1st

May 3rd

  • Harlequin Fool + other April Fools rares
  • April Holiday events (Grenwog, April Fools, GardenQuest, etc)
  • seasonal April Event Hub + Holiday drops

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Class Points, Gold, Reputation, and XP boost
  • Saturday: permanent Undead Pwny Pet, member-only BattlePet, & guard
  • Sunday: Wings of Debris
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