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August 06, 2021

Return to Nusantara

Indonesian Independence Day: Kala Batara Challenge Boss

This weekend, we celebrate Indonesian Independence Day with a return to Nusantara - home of emerald islands, 1,000 temples, and some of Lore's bravest warriors. Log in and /join kala for a new story adventure, rewards, and challenge boss!

New Seasonal Challenge Boss - Batara Kala

After you have finished the puppet show, take on Batara Kala to earn Kala Insignias, which can be used to purchase the Kala Helmets and Dalang Sinden armor. Only one Kala Insignia one can be earned per day, so be sure to collect the full set before the event leaves for the year on September 3rd.

- Dalang Sinden: Requires level 75. Deals 25% more damage to all monsters when equipped.
- Living Kala Helmet: Requires level 75. Gives 30% More XP, Class Points, Gold, and Rep when equipped.

Batara Kala battle tips:
- He is extremely resistant to hard hitting attacks
- He heals for a lot, can you do anything about it?
- The longer you fight him, the hungrier he gets.
- His powerful Club Smash shreds your defenses, be prepared!

Featured Gear Shop: Singaporean Formal Batik!

We're also celebrating #Singapore's National Day on Monday with a new seasonal set in tonight's Featured Gear Shop! Return on Sunday as even more Singaporean items are added as daily login reward items.

The NAME set contains:

  • Formal Batik armor
  • Formal Celebration hairs
  • Golden and Orchid Celebration Keyswords

These items will be available for AdventureCoins until September 3rd, 2021. Then they'll leave game until next August.

Leaving Soon: mark your calendars

Don't miss out on your favorite limited time events, stories, and gear! 

August 13:

  • Seasonal Frostval in July maps + rewards leave

August 15:

  • Rare and seasonal item drops released between July 16 - 31st

August 31:

  • Rare and seasonal item drops released between August 1 - 22nd
  • August Seasonal Set: Urban Assassins
  • CrimsonFlame Fanatic + other Featured Gear Shop rares sets
  • Friday the 13th maps revert to member-only

September 3rd:

  • Formal Batik featured gear set leaves

Daily Gift Schedule

Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase. Bookmark the Daily Gift page to keep up to date with all of daily gifts! 

Flash is Dead. AQWorlds lives on with the Artix Games Launcher!

Adobe, the maker of the Flash Player plug-in, stopped supporting Flash. But never fear! We built the Artix Games Launcher so you can continue playing AdventureQuest Worlds and your other favorite Artix Entertainment games.

Download the Launcher at, then log in and get back to battling right from your computer. No Flash Player or web browser needed.

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