Design Notes

January 10, 2023

Late-Night Updates

You've got questions? We've got short answers.

Hello everyone! It's been a crazy few weeks, with the new year starting and preparing for everything to come this month and in the next few months. We've been seeing questions and feedback after last week's Design Notes posts; I wanted to give everyone a quick update tonight, so you know where everything stands, and then I'll do a larger post tomorrow with more details.

Tuesday update: Changes to the Wheel of Doom's Treasure Potions

Last week, we announced that in response to a lot of frustration from many players, we changed the Treasure Potion rewards. We made it so that you'd start getting the 6 TP once you got all but one of the Wheel drops. (181/182 drops). 

After the announcement, we saw posts from players who wished this change had been made a long time ago. If the new criteria were active back then, they would have a lot more TP today. (Because they only got x2 TP per spin instead of x6, like they will now.)

We hear you. Our goal with this change is to make getting your rewards smoother, less frustrating, and give you a more positive experience overall. We want that for everyone

So if you have an account which had 181 / 182 drops and missed out on the extra TP, we're retroactively applying the change to all of the spins made between when you got your 181st drop and when you got your 182nd drop, going back to November 2018. (You already got the first x2 TP when you spun, so we'll be adding the extra x4 per spin.) 

This means you'll get exactly what you should have. It's the fairest, right way to address this change for everyone involved. The TP will be added sometime on Thursday. We'll likely need to take the servers down, as it's a pretty hefty query to run.

Where is the Honorable Hero 2022 Award? 

SURPRISE good news! Captain Rhubarb ran the query to award players who earned the Honorable Hero 2022 awards their 500 free ACs earlier today. I'll make a fuller post and put live the character page badge tomorrow.

Where is the 500 Free AC gift for Frostval?

That will arrive later this week! Chilly will have a quest in Battleon until January 31st, where eligible heroes can claim their free ACs.  (If you're an Honorable Hero and eligible for the free Frostval gift, this is a GREAT week for you!)

When will the Frostval AC Gifting Event Rewards arrive?

I have a bit of design work left to do on my end, but the artists have really done a fantastic job getting the rewards together. I'm currently expecting those to go out next week, but will keep you all posted with updates.

Monday night's information, now outdated

Where is the Honorable Hero 2022 Award?

That will arrive later this week. Keep an eye out tomorrow for Design Notes on who is eligible and what the rewards are.

Where is the free AC gift for Frostval?

That will also arrive later this week! There will be a quest for you to claim your free gift. We'll have details in tomorrow's Design Notes post.

When will the Frostval AC Gifting Event Rewards arrive?

Those will release as soon as humanly possible. We've got a bit more work to do on them still, so I'll give everyone an update later on in the week.

Changes to the Wheel of Doom's Treasure Potions

We're currently looking at how best to address this for affected players who would have met the criteria if it were active in the past.

I will have more details for you tomorrow, after Captain Rhubarb and I both get some much needed sleep.

(Time to engage those real-life Chronomancy powers... and cast a Mana Buff on Captain Rhubarb, who's reviewing the solution options!) 

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