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October 07, 2022

2022 Achievement Tracker Rewards

The more you play, the more rewards you'll unlock!

Every time you log into AQWorlds, you've got some goal: meeting up with friends, ranking your newest class, or farming for the Blinding Light of Destiny. The sense of satisfaction when you accomplish that goal is one of the best things about playing AQW! But we want to give you even MORE rewards for playing... and that's where the Achievement Tracker comes in.

Every achievement pack is a full item set; when you log in with this gear equipped, you'll have an immediate WOW factor. 

Achievement Tracker Rewards for 2022

  • Membership: Exalted Drakath set + Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • AdventureCoins: NeoChaos DoomKnight set + Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • Time Played: Prime Eternal Chaos Dragon set

The Membership and Adventurecoins achievements each come with a pet that contains a quest for your Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness. Follow the instructions on the item to claim your prize!

The Exalted Drakath set contains:

  • Exalted Drakath armor
  • 2 Exalted Chaos helms
  • 6 Exalted Chaos capes
  • Exalted Chaos Blade + Mace + Axe
  • Exalted Spy Eye pet* (with quest)
  • Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness

The NeoChaos DoomKnight set contains:

  • NeoChaos DoomKnight armor
  • 2 NeoChaos DoomKnight helms
  • NeoChaos DoomKnight fur cape
  • NeoChaos DoomKnight Blade (single + dual-wield)
  • NeoChaos DoomKnight Blade Pet (with quest)
  • Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness

Prime Chaos Dragon of Time set contains:

  • Prime Chaos Dragon of time armor 
  • 5 Prime Chaos Dragon helms
  • 5 Prime Chaos Dragon capes
  • 1 Eternal Chaos Dragon Ground Rune
  • Eternal Chaos Blade: First Form, Second Form, Third Form
  • Ultimate Eternal Chaos Blade

What IS the Achievement Tracker?

If you're just hearing about the Achievement Tracker, it is one of the ways we reward you for staying, playing, and supporting AdventureQuest Worlds!

  • Time Played Badges track how old your account is (1 week, 1 year, 5 years, etc)
  • Sagas Completed Badges track which of the main storyline sagas you've finished
  • Loyalty Badges tracks the support our Legends and AC buyers have contributed

Some of these rewards may take a while to unlock, but don't worry... they will never leave, so you can keep battling towards your goal!

  • 3 different achievement categories: Sagas completed, Time Played, Loyalty
  • 60+ badges and 250+ items
  • 250+ permanent reward items for you to unlock, including the NEW gear below! 

And the best news: ALL of the progress you've ever made count towards the Achievement Tracker! 

How to unlock your rewards:

  1. Once you see an achievement unlocked on your Tracker, head in-game
  2. Open up your Book of Lore and go into the Achievements tab
  3. Scroll through your badges until you find your new badge and its shop
  4. Open the shop and get all the gear (0 ACs for free storage!)

Sagas Completed

Keep track of the main sagas in the 13 Lords of Chaos that you've completed! Grey badges mean you have yet to unlock the shop. Colored badges mean you can head in-game and find the reward shop in your Book of Lore!

  • Prologue: Ascended Avatar's Blade
  • Shadowfall: Shadow's Fang Gear
  • Chiral Valley: Phoenix Hunter Set
  • Dwarfhold: Mountain's Heart Gear
  • Yokai: Amethyst Enchantment Gear
  • Darkovia: Sapphire Enchantment Gear
  • Mythsong: Rockstar Armor
  • Arcangrove: Arcana Invoker
  • Sandsea: Sun's Tear Gear
  • Bloodtusk: Horcs Master Phoenix Hunter Set
  • Bloodtusk: TrollsElite Phoenix Hunter Set
  • The Span: Ruler of the Deep Set
  • Thunderforge: Blood Summoner Set
  • Swordhaven: Cyber Ruler Set
  • Mirror Realm: Mirror Daimyo Pet
  • Chaos Realm: Lore's Champion Set

Time Played 

Keep track of how old your account is... the longer you've been with us, the more rewards you get! Grey badges mean you have yet to unlock the shop. Colored badges mean you can head in-game and find the reward shop in your Book of Lore!

Time Played

  • 1 week: Ornate Blade of Light
  • 1 month: Hunter's Gear
  • 3 months: Vasalkar's Champion Set
  • 6 months: Emerald Emperor's General Set
  • 12 months: Beastmaster Ravager 
  • 15 months: DoomKnight Battlemage Set
  • 2 years: Doomknight Shadowmage Set
  • 3 years: Prismatic Laser Set
  • 4 years: Bright Amadis Set
  • 5 years: Cyber Dreadhaven General Set
  • 6 years: Gravelyn's Champion Set
  • 7 years: Light Mage armor set
  • 8 years: NostalgiaQuest zone
  • 9 years: Shadowfall Fortress House
  • 10 years: Color-Custom Pirate class variant + set
  • 11 years: 1,000 AdventureCoins + Blades of Honor items
  • 12 years: Death Alive armor set + Death's NPC armor/helm
  • 13 years: TimeWalker set + CC Eternal Flame capes + weapons
  • 14 years: Prime Chaos Dragon of Time armor set


The heroes who support the game by purchasing memberships and AdventureCoins are the lifeblood of AQWorlds! Without them, we could not keep the servers running or so much of the game available to anyone who wants to sign up and play. To thank them, we have several inventories' full of exclusive gear!

Each of the items in the Loyalty Achievement category come with a bonus, special item animation... or both as our way of saying THANKS! 

New for 2022

What counts for the totals?

  • Each month of membership you've purchased (total time purchased, not used)
  • ACs included in membership packages you've purchased
  • The 5k bonus AC add-on you can choose to add to membership packages
  • Any regular AC packages you've purchased
  • ACs earned through doing AExtras offers
  • 1 month: Gandolphin Pet + Legendary Membership armor set (new for 2022!)
  • 2 months: Ultimate Flame Katana
  • 3 months: Celestial Paladin Set
  • 6 months: Illusionist Set 
  • 9 months: Phoenix Armor
  • 12 months: Elite Asgardian Set
  • 15 months: Bitterblade Rogue Set
  • 2 years: Chaos Watcher Armor
  • 3 years: DragonSlayer Inquisitor Set
  • 4 years: Jade Dragon Mage Set
  • 5 years: Toxic Flame Biker Morph and house item
  • 6 years: Nulgath Evolution set
  • 7 years: Light Mage armor set
  • 8 years: Swordhaven Castle house
  • 9 years: Evolved Grenadier class variant + set
  • 10 years: Bonus item of Donated Awesomeness
  • 11 years: Lion's Pride Paladin sets + Bonus item of Donated Awesomeness 
  • 12 years: Fusion Legends set + Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • 13 years: Exalted Drakath armor set + Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • 500 ACs: Floating Matrix Conduit Katana pet + Ultimate AdventureCoins armor set (new for 2022!)
  • 2000 ACs: Blazing Chaos Gear
  • 12000 ACs: Overclocked Techsuit Set
  • 25000 ACs: Noxious Symbiote Armor
  • 50000 ACs: Toxic Symbiote Armor
  • 100,000 ACs: Necromancer Rising Set
  • 200,000 ACs: Platinum GryphonRider Set
  • 300,000 ACs: Swordhaven Mansion house
  • 500,000 ACs: Brightfall Fortress House
  • 750,000 ACs: Bonus Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • 1,000,000 ACs: Yokai Shadow sets + Bonus Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • 1,100,000 ACs: Archon Creationist set + Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness
  • 1,200,000 ACs: NeoChaos DoomKnight armor set + Golden Item of Donated Awesomeness

Achievement Tracker Rewards: The Whys and Whats

A "reward" is, by definition, something that must be earned. It's given in return for service, merit, hardship, etc.

  • For players who unlock the "Time Played" badges, the achievement tracker gear is a reward for their dedication and stamina, for staying with our community.
  • For players who unlock the "Sagas Completed" badges, the achievement tracker gear is a reward for their skill and drive to complete the many in-game sagas.
  • For players who unlock the "Loyalty" badges, the achievement tracker gear is a reward for having the desire and ability to financially support the development of the game.

Achievement tracker gear is a bonus, an extra bit of "oomph" to make the act of reaching the goals even more awesome!

For those of you unlocking new achievements this year, I hope you enjoy your bonuses! For those of you who are SO CLOSE to beating that saga or reaching that anniversary, keep at it! For those of you who have helped allow us to continue updating each week, thank you for your support! 

Remember: none of the achievement tracker rewards go rare. If you can't get the thing you want today, it will still be here tomorrow, next month, and next year!

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