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April 07, 2023

Triple Update Weekend

New + Returning Spring Holiday Events

Spring into action this weekend and prepare for magic, mayhem, and MANY egg-cellent rewards! Our seasonal Grenwog and Earth Day holiday zones return, and we've added new quests and reward gear to the magicians in Dragonrune Hall! Log in, gear up and get ready to battle on!

This weekend, adventure through new and returning seasonal events:

  • Our Spring Fair returns with new + seasonal boss battles and rewards. See them all in the new /springhub map
  • /join Grenwog to battle the classic, deadly, egg-sucking Grenwog and Rabid Lupus
  • Head to /elixirgrenwog to take on this year's NEW boss during the Year of the Water Grenwog 
  • Talk to Cabdury the Bunny to begin hunting eggs around Battleon
  • Talk to Captain Lore in /pollution to complete our Earth Day story and earn his 100% organic rewards
  • Return to Dragonrune Hall to find the Professors of Druidic Magic, Necromancy, and Elemental Magic, their new quests, and a treasure trove of new rewards

New Spring Hub Town

We're making it even easier for you to find all our April holiday events this weekend. /join springhub and talk to Cabdury to see what's hop-pening!

The Battleon Egg Hunt returns

Every year, heroes hunt around Battleon for eggs and prizes, and battle the deadly, egg-sucking Grenwog as we celebrate the return of Spring! This weekend talk to Cabdury (the friendliest, most inedible bunny in town) to begin this year's Egg Hunt quests in Battleon.


Collect the eggs hidden around BattleOn and the rest of the town to unlock the Backpack of Eggs and the Vorpal Bunny pet!

After whetting your detection skills in BattleOn, TRUE eggsplorers can talk to Cabdury and decipher his clues to find the pink, green, blue, purple, or multicolored eggs hidden around the rest of Lore to unlock all-new rewards: the Steampunk Eggsplorer set!

  • Pink Eggs: Cape
  • Green Eggs: Helm
  • Blue Eggs: Weapon
  • Purple Eggs: Armor
  • Multicolored Eggs: Magical Shifting Grenwog Egg House

Once you've collected all those, why not try Cabdury's Treat Hunt to unlock the Evolved Berserker Bunny set? The merge items will drop from the bosses in Greenguard Forest.  With an Armor, a Helm, a Spear, and a Long-sword, you'll have a bun-tiful amount of items to choose from! The Evolved Berserker Bunny Armor also requires the drop from the final Vorpal Bunny quest.

Battle the Grenwogs

The legendary Grenwog is one of the fiercest beasts on Lore. Every spring, it awakens with one thing on its mind -- FOOD. And its favorite snack is, of course, eggs! (And the heroes who try to steal them!) 

Grenwog boss reward drops:

  • Classy Bunny armor set
  • Eggceptional Bunny armor set
  • Cyberpunk Grenwog pet
  • Evolved Berserker Bunny set
  • Berserker Bunny armor, helm, and longsword
  • Daisy on your back cape
  • Mayflower and Marshmallow Cheep pets
  • Fire Egg Staff, Carrotine Cutter, ChickenCow Club
  • And much more!

Each year, we update the art on the Grenwog to match a new theme. But since this year is the Year of the Water Rabbit in the Yokai Zodiac Calendar, we made an entirely new map and filled it FULL of AQW guest artist Ferozakh's sweet, sweet loot: 25 new drops + 26 merge shop items.

New This Year: the Elixir Grenwog

/join elixirgrenwog and talk to Yue Huang, the organizer of Yokai Isles' Year of the Rabbit Celebrations. Her magic caused a Grenwog to transform and it swam to a secret island to hide its immortality eggs. She needs the Hero's help to prevent the Elixir Grenwog from disturbing the natural balance of life and death.

Elixir Grenwog Drops

  • Colorful Grenwog armor + helms
  • Blue-Band Battle Hair + Locks
  • Fists of Colorful Fury
  • Elixir Grenwog Pet
  • 2 Guardian house items + the Year of the Rabbit Fountain ground item *
  • Fortunate Red Grenwog Garb armor + accessories **

Elixir Grenwog Merge Shop

  • Pink Grenwog Garb set
  • Pastel Grenwog Gard set

* Saturday's rare daily login gift drops
** Sunday's rare daily login gift drops

Celebrate Earth Day this Weekend!

Be a hero, join the clean-up crew to save the world from the evils of pollution! Captain Lore is back and he needs your help again! /Join pollution to help Captain Lore battle General Pollution and free his eco-friendly energy platform from the chaotic clutches of General Pollution! 

Reduce, reuse, and recycle as many elementals as you can to unlock Captain Lore's shop and gain access to the greenest gear in the game! 

Magical New Rewards in DragonRune Hall

First released in 2013, DragonRune Hall is Battleon's premiere school of Magic! /Join DragonRune to travel there now and speak to HeadMistress Sora to Hoshi; she'll show you how to begin (or continue) your fascinating journey towards being a Master SpellCrafter! 

The Academy offers research classes in four different schools, and each school has a different rep shop filled with gear:

  • The Crypt of Necromancy: headed by Mueran the Inversionist
  • The Forge of Craft Magic: headed by Neveya the Darkblood Magecrafter
  • The Grove of Druidic Magic: headed by Maedoc the High Elder Druid
  • The Hall of Elemental Mastery: headed by Warlic, ArchMage Emeritus

This weekend, each professor has a new quest for you, and Maedoc, Mueran, and Warlic each have new rewards! 

  • Druid Grove Rep: Druidic Soothsayer set
  • Necro Crypt Rep: Neverborn Necromancer set
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