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July 05, 2024

Celebrate the Star Festival

Seasonal holiday events return + new upgrade bonus

Log in now as the Star Festival begins in Yokai Isle with an astrological miracle! This year, Empress Miko's celebration will shine even brighter, because 28 stars have merged to form a Cosmic Dragon, and they've descended to our world... to battle YOU! This stellar creature believes that by defeating the Eternal Dragon of Time, it will ascend to godhood, its place as a constellation permanently fixed in the cosmos. 

New Game Release

New Event: Cosmic Dragon Boss Battle
Rewards: Starlight of Destiny Axe, Cosmic Paladin set, and more
Bonus Map: Battle Astral monsters in the /starfield map to collect crafting resources 
Holiday Events return: Freedom Day, Star Festival, Frostval in July
New Bonus Pack: soar among the stars with our new Astral DragonKnight upgrade bonus gear

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

Server Boost: double Class Points
Saturday: rare Twilight Unicorn Toys from Rainbrutalcorn in /Pastelia
Sunday: rare Icecream Party Sneevil Pet + Helm from the IceCream Shark in /Eventhub

Celestial Paladin & the Star Light of Destiny

Nothing shines quite as brightly as a Paladin on a mission... unless they've got plate armor made of starstuff! Battle the Cosmic Dragons in the /Novashrine or /AstralShrine maps to craft the pieces of the Celestial Paladin set. 

OUT OF THIS WORLD NEWS: the Star Light of Destiny axe is available in six of Artix Entertainment's games this month! Battle to unlock it in AQWorlds, AQ3D, AdventureQuest, DragonFable, EpicDuel and MechQuest.

Celestial Paladin Set
Armor deals 50% more damage to Undead when equipped


  • ArchPaladin Armor
  • Blinding Aura
  • Star of the Empyrean x14
  • Star Piece x50

Star Light of Destiny Axe
Weapon deals 75% more damage to both Undead and Dragonkin when equipped


  • Ascended Light of Destiny
  • Blackhole Light of Dread Space
  • Void Light of Destiny
  • Polished Blinding Light of Destiny
  • Hollowborn Shadow of Fate
  • Obsidian Light of Destiny
  • Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
  • Sanctified Light of Destiny
  • Star of the Empyrean x28
  • Star Piece x100
  • Dragonblade of Nulgath OR Dark Dragon Slayer's Halberd

A stellar new bonus farming map is now available! Join /starfield to enter a pocket galaxy full of star-themed monsters. Yoshino built the map with enough room to let you shine on the battlefield by showing off your most explosive aggro skills. Cause enough star-death and you'll unlock the "Touch Mass" character page badge.*

Note: The Cosmic Dragon maps, bosses, and rewards are all permanently available.

Celebrate with all our returning Star Festival Events

Complete all of the Emissary's quests to make a wish of your own and change the night sky in /yokairiver! Along with our returning seasonal Star Festival events, the Frostval in July holiday is also back! If you're just joining us, you're in for a frosty treat in the middle of our summer heat!

For last year's celebration, we created an adventure featuring the Celestial Emissary, a living Daruma that traveled around our world to help the gods of Yokai Isle grant wishes. Help it and you'll be able to make a wish of your very own... that will change the shape of the very stars themselves!

Visit the Star Festival to:

  • Decorate Akiba for the Star Festival
  • Battle across Lore as you hunt for her wishes
  • Unlock the Moon Bow Ninja reward armor set after completing the story
  • Get the exclusive level 80 boss drop armor set
  • Return to the event at any time with the hanging Star Festival Decoration house item

Stellar Rewards 

We've got a host of new 0 AC reward items for you this weekend to help you look like star while you battle to save the world... and beyond!

Shorinzan Merge Shop

Complete the Celestial Emissary's quests in /starfest to gather the merge shop resources for the Starry Samurai set + a selection of celestial weapons from AQW community artist, Mihuri!

  • Starry Samurai armor
  • Starry Samurai helm, capes, weapons
  • Aurelian Sword, Dagger, Staff

Reward Drops

 Battle Ultra Uji No Hashihime in the Yokairiver map for a chance to get 4 new 0 AC house items.

  • Wish for Love Constellation Wall item
  • Wish for Peace Constellation Wall item
  • Wish for Gold Constellation Wall item
  • Wish for Happiness Constellation Wall item

Star Festival Character Page Background

If you are a member in AQWorlds, we've got some exclusive holiday event bonuses for you! 

  • Star Festival Character page background: Unlock the holiday character page background in the first room in /Yokai River.
  • Tanabata Fest Decoration Shortcut: Buy the house item from the Akiba House shop for 7,777 gold. When you click on this item, you'll be taken straight to a permanent version of Akiba, where you can continue to farm for the 0 AC Moon Bow Ninja armor set!

TOUCH MASS BADGE NOTE: the starfield map is a legit farming zone, but the character page badge became something much more supermassive than expected. This is a joke badge for heroes who want to shoot for the stars, but land inside the white-hot heart of the sun, relishing in their blaze of glory for a fraction of a second before becoming one with the universe.

TL;DR -- it is the ULTRAHAT of badges. YOU DO NOT NEED THIS BADGE. It will not reward anything but the character page badge. But if you really want it, it will be here as long as the internet's pixels still shine. 

Events + Gear Leaving Soon

Summer's heating up, and so are our weekly game releases! Check out the June release calendar to see what's happening and when things leave so you don't miss a moment, a battle, or a limited time reward. 

July 22: Radical Kidz Sticker items from Sneeviltron in /boxes

July 24: Sweatshirt Daimyo, Black  + Pink Battle Puppies from Undead Artix in /Overworld

July 30: Sepulchure's MEGA Doom Maces from GleebleGlarble in /Nursery

July 31: 

  • Dreambound Unicorn Toys from Rainbrutalcorn in /Pastelia
  • Rose Bush + Friends Pet and House Item from the Rose Bush in /Balemorale
  • Lae's seasonal birthday drops on the Shadow Lord in /shadowrealm
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