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March 04, 2022

Dage Challenge + Ultra Boss

Dage's Dark Birthday 2022... PART ONE O_O

Our Month of Evil BEGINS NOW! New this year: all heroes can fight Dage, leader of the Undead Legion, in his ultimate form! 

Beat the Challenge Boss to collect drops and get merge shop resources. Undead Legion members: take on Dage's ULTRA form to collect insignias and create boosted versions of some of his most popular gear.

Challenge Boss Drops:

  • Underworld Blade of DOOM
  • Wrath of the Legion armor
  • Wrath of the Legion's Cloak
  • Avarice of the Legion's Skull
  • Avarice of the Legion's Hood

Challenge Merge Shop Gear:

  • Avarice of the Legion
  • Avarice of the Legion's Helm
  • Avarice of the Legion's Scarf
  • Avarice of the Legion's Scythe
  • Luxuria of the Legion
  • Eye of Luxuria Runes
  • Virgil of the Legion
  • Virgil of the Legion's Helm
  • Virgil of the Legion's Cape
  • Virgil of the Legion's Staff

Dage the Dark Lord Ultra Boss Battle

After you duel Dage without using his powers, members of the Legion may fight him at full strength. Fight him to earn 5 Dage Insignia per week*, which can be used to upgrade a variety of gear with endgame boosts. This fight is very challenging, and permanent, so take your time to strategize and practice the fight!

(click this link to see the full ultra boss trailer)

Dage the Dark Lord battle tips:

  • Making sure to duck under the protection spells when Dage summons a giant undead may save your life, but which one is active is random. Plan ahead to ensure you can reach both, and dash if you need to!
  • Noxious Decay will be active for most of the fight, inverting all of your direct (“numbers healing”) heals and HoT’s into damage. Plan around this carefully- there are opportunities to heal.
  • After the first minute of the fight, Dage will permanently gain Might of the Legion, significantly strengthening him. That’s when the real battle begins!
  • Dage recovers with each soul he consumes, so be wary to keep yours safe…

The full breakdown and boss abilities can be found on the wiki.

DIFFICULTY WARNING: Legion members, this fight is designed to challenge the best of the best...Dage's most skilled. We recommend you group up and study strategy. This fight takes skill, coordination, and (most likely) several attempts. 

If you are a member of Dage's Undead Legion, YOU can take on ULTRA Dage to create "powered up" versions of the challenge fight gear. The Ultra Boss rewards will require:

  • membership in the Undead Legion
  • Legion Tokens
  • Insignias
  • base reward items from the Challenge boss

The Ultra Dage boss will ALSO let you upgrade some of your classic, fan-favorite legion armors and weapons into end-game boosted versions. We've added a mix of some of the most iconic rare and nonrare items, so that both old AND new players can show off their favorites!

  • Empowered armor quest requirements: level 80, base item, insignias, Legion Tokens
  • Empowered weapon quest requirements: level 95, base item, insignias, Legion Tokens 

Quest to create boosted versions of your:

  • Undead Champion 
  • Paragon Plate 
  • Classic Dark Caster

Several of the quests will require multiple items to begin:

Empowered Caladbolg: Caladbolg and Dual Caladbolg
quest reward: choose between either boosted weapon

Empowered Forge Spawn: Legion Bonfire Altar, Legion Bonfire, Legion Forge Spawn
quest reward: either boosted weapon or armor

Empowered BladeMaster: Dual BladeMaster Katanas, Living BladeMaster, Dark Unicorn Rib
quest reward: choose between the boosted single-wield or dual-wield katana, or the armor

Empowered Lich King: Ultimate Lich King, original Paragon Helm, Ultimate Lich King helm
quest reward: boosted armor

*Weekly quests reset every Friday at 12:01 AM EST. If you complete a weekly quest on a Thursday, it will be available again on Friday!

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