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January 28, 2022


MoistCr1TiKaL / Charlie / Penguinz0 in AQWorlds + AQ3D

MoistCr1TiKal (aka Charlie) from the youtube channel Penguinz0 is in AdventureQuest 3D now for the most unusual special guest event in the history of the game. So many of the AQW team are huge fans, that we had to get in on this. So... we added Charlie into AQWorlds, too! 

This weekend, talk to Charlie him in Battleon or /join mverse to:

  • Battle our very own 2D version of the 3D boss, Major Mushroom 
  • New rare and permanent reward items drop from the boss 
  • Complete Charlie's quest for YugiWOAH cards to create gamer-themed reward gear

The Charlie armor, helms, and poster are rare item drops. They'll be available in-game for at least the next few weeks.

Get your Battle on... even better!

In our ongoing quest to evolve and improve AdventureQuest Worlds, we've gone back and polished / fixed some issues with the Doomarena PVP maps and given a few classes some balance-love. Plus... NEW REWARD GEAR! Read on for more details.

PVP Changes

  • Doomarena zones will now send you back to the /doomarena hub instead of battleon
  • /bludrutPVP had a couple of new pathways added - one on each side
  • heal player when joining PVP map 
  • small speed improvements to all combat logic
  • updated movement response in PVP maps
  • Tweaked player movement accuracy in and out of pvp maps 
  • Better sync'd movement of other players not in the same cell in pvp maps

Combat Trophy Rewards

  • The Squish Game parody set items are available for Combat Trophies
  • Get 1-5 Combat Trophies depending on how many Restorers/Brawlers you defeat in /bludrutbrawl or /chaosbrawl
  • Find the PVP Trophy Shop in your game menu

Class Balance Changes

  • Read the Design Notes here for more details on updates to FlameDragon Warrior, BlazeBinder, Royal Battlemage

New Nulgath Nation Boss Rewards

Battle Taro BladeMaster in /tercessuinotlim to collect all the pieces of the Wanderer of Nulgath set!

Even MORE Team Birthday Gear

Our celebration of December + January team member birthdays continues! Check out the Featured Gear Shop in your Game Menu for TheAxeros' SpellFrost set, Admiral Apus' birthday pet, Tomix's Unnecessarily Ornate Weapon, Dracelix's birthday weapons, and Darkon's cape!

2022 Australia Day Gear Now Available

Our Australia Day gear and seasonal daily login gift drops are available for everyone, no matter which hemisphere you live in. Find it in your Featured Gear Shop until Friday, February 4th.

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