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January 27, 2023

Nulgath's Birthday Part 2

New Birthday Rares, Farming Rewards, and Story!

Log in now to dive deeper into the Temple of Light and its secrets. Exterminate the DOOM that infests the stolen member's of the Nulgath's Nation. The rewards will be fiendish!

Login in this weekend and /join templedelve to begin your adventure!

  • Talk to Nulgath to begin hunting a Mysterious Stranger into the depths of the Temple of Light.
  • Battle Delirious Elementals and the DOOM-possessed members of the Nation.
  • Learn about the secret machinations of the followers of Light.
  • Discover who the new enemies of the Nation, the Legion, and the Shadowscythe will be

New Item Updates and a New Nulgath Quest?!

Some changes during the week happened with the Void Beetle Warlord armor and many other new additions with this week's release. Read this Design Notes post for a full list of what's been changed.

2021 Event: Nulgath Origin Story

Nulgath the ArchFiend, lord of the OverSoul, has conquered many worlds and slaughtered millions, ruling over a a Nation of deadly fiends and warriors. But he was not ALWAYS one of our world's supreme Evil Overlords. Nulgath was human once... until he met his Master, Adimonde. This weekend, log in and battle as Nulgath and discover how he became the ArchFiend he is today.

/join originul to begin your adventure:

  • Discover how Nulgath unlocks the power he wields today
  • Fight to escape Inquisitors
  • Enter a realm of darkness and energy... and survive your training
  • Battle fiends to prove your skill and leadership
  • Defeat the Fiend Champion of Adimonde to become his heir

Then take on the ArchFiend’s forces as you battle through his fortress. Your mission: destroy the Fiend Shard and save the OverSoul!

/join fiendshard to continue the adventure:

  • Scout through Nulgath's fortress and battle fiendish guards
  • Locate the Key Fragments to progress
  • Defeat a filthy, fiendish miniboss
  • Destroy the Fiend Shard

  • Fiend Champion of Adimonde
  • Evolved Worshipper of Nulgath
  • Arcane Warfiend of Nulgath

2020 Event: Mystery of Crag

Nulgath the ArchFiend, lord of the OverSoul, has gathered around him many followers, creatures, and allies over the centuries. This weekend, as we celebrate Nulgath’s birthday once more, log in and battle to uncover more information about one of his mysteriously silently minions, the sentient Rock Beast known only as… Crag.

Talk to Bamboozle in /cragglerock to begin your quest. Collect special gems for his best boulder bud to earn the special gear that only a powered-up Crag can create.

Complete Bamboozle's quests to reawaken (or at least... partially /heal) Crag to collect stones for his merge shop and to rank up the new CraggleRock faction.

And if you're a true member of Nulgath's Nation, you'll want to find Lae in the /tercessuinotlim zone! He's got a bounty of new gear for you... IF you can pay his price. All crafted by Yo Lae for members of Nulgath's Nation to celebrate the ArchFiend's birthday!

Casparilla's Fiendish Reward Quests

If you're a fan of Nulgath's Nation, you're no stranger to hard work... or almost-tortuous quests. This weekend, log in and /join citadel. Find Casparilla... because she's got some games for you to play while Nulgath's away. And if you know ANYTHING about Nulgath, you know that the only Court Jester he'd keep is a crazy-loyal and just plain INSANE trickster.

Complete Casparilla's quests to unlock the pieces of the 0 AC Elite Void armor set from AQW Community Artist, Reki Roland. Hardcore Nation fans can also complete Casparailla's SUPER evil bonus quests to get two exclusive swords and a floating sword pet.

Not sure who Nulgath is? Read on!

Nulgath the ArchFiend is the in-game persona for Nulgath-the-team-member, one of AQWorlds' original artists. Though he no longer works regularly for Artix Entertainment, his art style (prevalent in early AQW and featured in Oversoul) and the character itself remain hugely popular with many of our long-time heroes. To recognize their dedication and the love they feel for his character and art style, we hold an event in-game each year to celebrate


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