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November 25, 2022

Black Friday 2022: OMG UPDATE

Get ready to go DARK

Over 60 new rewards are now available for you to grab this weekend! Check out the from quests, shops, and bosses across Lore. Gear up and get ready to unlock the darkest gear of the year, then return on Monday for our Cyber Monday reward items!

Ebil Mech Dragon in /ebilmech:

  • Guncraft Shadowslayer
  • Guncraft Spikes
  • 8 Guncraft Helms 
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Gunblade (single + dual wield) 
  • Guncraft Battle Armaments
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Big Iron (single + dual wield) 
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Shotgun

Hoodini in /birdswithharms:

  • Shadow Magelord's Hood
  • Shadow Mage's Portal
  • Dark Royal Scepter
  • Bido's Beautiful Fireflies

Deal Bot 2.0 in /blackfridaywar:

  • Dark Steel Afterlife
  • Shadowy Fiend Costume
  • Rose Phoenix Sword + Obsidian Phoenix Sword

Ebil General Porkon in /ebiltakeover:

  • Dusky Evader

Ebil Jack Sprat in /ebiltakeover:

  • Pink POSE! Pitchfork (RARE, leaves December 9th)

Executive Assistant Vordred in /blackfridaywar:

  • Obsidian Demon Samurai + Obsidian Oniga Helm
  • Rose Royal Shadowslayer

Calico Cobby in /dreammaster:

  • Cute Calico Cobby Pet

Harvest Merge Shop:

  • Elite Guncraft Shadowslayer armor 
  • 6 Elite Guncraft helms 
  • Guncraft Glory
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Bigger Iron (single + dual wield) 
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Biggest Iron (single + dual wield) 
  • Guncraft Shadowslayer Vulcan Cannon
  • Guncraft Artillery Beast

Arlette's Birthday quest in /birthdayfeast

  • Dark Litch Knight armor
  • 4 helms
  • 1 cape

The following Black Friday farming items were added on Wednesday!

Black Friday Seasonal Shop in /blackfridaywar:

  • Black Chinchilla Pet

J6's Coin Collector Merge Shop in /hollowhalls:

  • Crypto Collector armor

Rawrgobble drop in /birdswithharms:

  • Pink Aura

Smorgasbord drops in /ebiltakeover:

  • Dark Flame Visage frpm 
  • PeptoCorp Agent
  • SugarSkull Cane
  • Dark Zeke Cloak

Mystery Meat drops in /ebiltakeover:

  • Pink and Ugly Stick (single + dual wield)
  • Dark and Ugly Stick (single + dual wield)

Ebil Mech Dragon drop in /ebilmech:

  • Shadey Cowboy

Quest rewards:

  • Shadow Plate of Nulgath from the Twisted Items of Nulgath quest
  • Ebony DragonBlade of Nulgath from the Demanding Items of Nulgath quest

Hollowborn Boss Update... FOR SCIENCE!

It's the darkest time of the year, and that means... a new Hollowborn Boss has spawned! /join HBChallenge and talk to Dr. Neelo, the Hollowborn Creator. Some call him a "scientist" but he knows better. And so will you, after you face his latest creation!

Rare Module 005 item drop in /hbchallenge:

  • Module 005 Chibi Pet (leaves December 9th)

Merge Shop gear in /hbchallenge:

  • Hollowborn Creator
  • Hollowborn Creator Morph
  • Module 005 Morph
  • Module 005 Tanks
  • Module 005 Gauntlet
  • Hollowborn Alchemist armor
  • 12 helms
  • 1 sword
  • 1 mace
  • 2 daggers

Dark Holiday AdventureCoin Bonus

If you're gearing up for the holidays, this is the best time to check out our Holiday AC bonus so you don't miss a thing. Get 50% more FREE bonus AdventureCoins with any AC or Membership pack.

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