Design Notes

February 25, 2022

Football Frenzy + Dashing Mechanic

The Goal: Get your game on!

Run fast. Play hard. And SCORE! The 2022 Major League Soccer season starts this Saturday, and the Brasilian Fútbol season has already begun. This weekend, we're celebrating one of the most popular games across the world... FOOTBALL!* We've got some football fanatics on the team and we know many of you in our player community are also super-fans. 

Starting tonight, /join goal to defeat the goalie and collect all his color-customizable 0 AC football-themed drops, available for all players. 

  • Football Uniform armor
  • Football Stripes Uniform armor
  • Striped Goalie armor
  • Football Goalie armor
  • Goalie Gloves

Plus, the Sneevil Goalie also drops...

  • Four Football Maces (regular, Good, Evil, and Chaos-themed)
  • member-only Four Football Pets (regular, Good, Evil, and Chaos-themed)
  • member-only Sneevil Goalie pet

Bonus Extras: /Football + /Chute maps

As an added fun extra release this week, we've taken several of our existing maps and minigames and given them "football" versions for you hardcore hooligans out there in Lore. /join football to run around the 50-player football-themed map

/join chute to try your luck at kicking a soccer ball 100 yards to unlock the "You /chute, you score" achievement. **

* Called "soccer" in America, because the US just does things differently sometimes.
** The Chute Game's soccer net is currently missing. O_O It will be added in ASAP.

Introducing the Stamina Bar + Dash Mechanic

Introducing... the SP bar! Since the PvP bug fixes update, the dash to target was removed for the sake of preventing movement desyncronization. After hearing player feedback to bring this back, we made it into a real in-game mechanic that won't cause movement desyncs!

We added a green bar under the mana bar called the SP (Stamina Points) bar. With a default keybind of SPACE (changeable in keybinds), you can dash to where you click. Be careful as dashing costs 100 SP. Treat the SP bar as a second mana bar. (/rest replenishes it faster!)

Before now, the game had it where if you double-clicked a target, you would go to that target with increased move speed. This mechanic lets you click on one spot with that same increased move speed. It can be used inside or outside PVP.

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