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January 23, 2023

Monday Afternoon Updates + More!

Frostval 2022 Gifting Additions from this weekend

It has been a pretty crazy end to 2022 and start for the new year. We released SO much last month, and so many real-life issues + emergencies arose, that our normal production schedule saw some significant delays. I apologize for all of them; we're working as hard as we can to get everything out as quickly as possible. But because so many of you were so eager to get your rewards, we released what we had ready. Last week, we released MOST of the Frostval 2022 AC Gifting rewards + character page badges.*

Here's what's still left to come:

  • Tier 7: House + Holiday Mirror Gravelyn houseguest 
  • Tier 7: Holiday Mirror Gravelyn Bank Buddy
  • All tiers: House item versions of your Moglin Giftbox pets
  • All Tiers: Badges added in the Book of Lore

Character Page Badges

In the Gifting Design Notes, we noted that there would be one badge per tier (not that all previous badges would be unlocked). With as many tiers as there are, giving players the highest tier lets you display your generosity without overloading the character page. 

Tiers 1- 7 all unlocked a Unique Moglin Giftbox pet w/ quest for House Item, a unique character page badge, and other rewards. In addition to their exclusive prize packs, any hero that donates at least 5,000 ACs (Tier 2) automatically unlocked all of the merge shop items in their Book of Lore badge shop at the end of the gifting event.

4:30 PM update

This weekend, we released the character page badges and only showed the highest tier you'd gotten for the reason above. But after seeing how many people so badly wanted ALL of the character page badges (especially as they all had unique art), in the spirit of the holiday and reason for the badges... we've updated character pages to follow last year's model.

Now you'll see all of the character page badges for the tiers you've unlocked. I thought the Design Notes had been clearly worded, in that you'd only unlock the highest tier. But based on how many comments we got from players who didn't realize that, it's clear we just... weren't clear enough! 

Thursday Update?!?

Shhh.. Yoshino taking over this post with Alina currently on a delayed Christmas, i'm here to inform you all that the Gifting Tier 4-7* House* Items have arrived in addition to the Holiday Mirror Gravelyn Items. Their Badge art in the book of lore has also been updated. 

Here's what's still left to come:

  • All tiers: House item versions of your Moglin Giftbox pets

* From a previous copy and paste error in the tiers, The Frostval Brightrise Fortress House wasn't intended to include a Hair/Armor Customizer... Read on for more information!

9:00 AM Update

We've renamed the Doom Fiend of Nulgath items to be ShadowScythe Fiend of Nulgath to avoid confusion with the DoomFiend of Nulgath Set.

9:30 PM Update

The Frostval Brightrise Fortress has been updated with an few extra rooms and a Hair/Armor Customizer Room. You may need to re-equip the house to see the extra rooms added.

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