Design Notes

May 20, 2022

Player Housing Update


This weekend, log in at /join buyhouse to check out all our new housing functionality + item updates! Captain Rhubarb and Spider (AQW's server and client coders) have added a TON of new functionality for our player housing system based on your feedback over the last year. 

Now available:

  • Talk to Penny to find new house items + the Yeoman's Townhouse in her shops
  • 10 FREE house item spaces (already automatically added!)
  • Max number of buyable house item slots has increased to 250
  • House items can now be flipped/reversed
  • Select house items can now be stacked
  • Improved functionality for item placing, house saving, and house user interface

New House + House Items

We polled players on Twitter + Discord to learn what your favorite maps are, then pulled a ton of new items from them and turned them into equippable house items. There were SO many great ideas that we'll be adding more in batches over the coming weeks.

Available this week:

  • Yeoman's House (available for 100,000 gold for all players)
  • Red, orange, gold, green, blue, pink, white, black, black & white, and rainbow balloons
  • Dungeon spikes
  • Summoning circles
  • Glowing Ravenloss Orbs
  • Portals
  • Reality Tears
  • Clouds

We are still working on consolidating older duplicate house items into stackable versions. Are there any house items you want to be able to stack? Send a tweet to @Alina_AE on Twitter and include the hashtag #AQWHouseItemFeedback in your reply.

New Rare Sets in your Featured Gear Shop

Find eerie and elegant new outfits in your featured gear shop this weekend, available for for AdventureCoins, gold, and member-only gold until June 17th.

  • Gothic + Fancy Formal Wear sets
  • Cycloptic Horrorshow sets

Aurelio Voltaire + Mysterious Johnson's New Gear

Head back to the /oddities shop this weekend! Talk to Mysterious Johnson for his new quests. Complete them to learn more about his shop and collect the merge resources to create the pieces of the Spooky and Dread Spirit Hunter armors.

Then talk to Fabyo Loso and complete his quests to create some of Aurelio Voltaire's classic character outfits! Even more of his OG gear will be added in the future.

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