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April 19, 2023

Wednesday, April 19th News Roundup

Bits, Bites, and Bytes of News for You

As April showers rage on, we've got a melange of things you need, want, or should know before we move into April. Read on for news, and then come back Friday for this week's new game update!

Dark Spirit Orbs Server Boost Ends at Midnight

Get double rewards as you battle to create Sepulchure's DoomKnight armor until April 19th.

Art Sneak Peeks

We are starting the next saga of AQW main story later this month, so Darkon previewed a new ally. Due to their incredibly long lifespan, an elf would be the perfect lorekeeper.

AQWorlds player + community member, SteveArxx has teamed up once more with AQW Artist Aciel! Aciel is converting Steve's designs into Flash files to create new summer-themed gear! Keep an eye on the Design Notes for more information on how to obtain these armors as we get closer to the return of our seasonal holiday events and rare gear shops.

Faction Titles for Character Pages went live last week

Many of you found our surprise update by chance... Faction Titles on your character page! This is a really fun extra reward for reaching rank 10 in all the current reputations. Head into your Account Manager to set a title for your character page. From King Fisher to Mystery Meat, there's something for every hero!

Note: the titles for the Hollowborn and Diabolical factions were updated yesterday to better line up with the lore for the stories surrounding them.

April 18th... Hunt #7: Golden Treasure

Defeat the Frogzard  in /battleontown to get the Golden Treasure Hunt clue. The clue + reward will be available through May 1st.

Coming Soon: Bev's Hair Shop Update

Rest a-sheared! New hairs are coming to Bev's Battleontown Hair Shop in the very near future. AQW Artist Snowvers will be moving on to the the headcoverings (like gele, turbans, shawl/wraps, etc) once he finishes with the list of new hairstyles.

The hairstyles and headcovering options we chose stem from a wide range of different cultures and groups to bring you maximum freedom and flexibility of choice. Many were suggested by your fellow heroes in the AQWorlds community. We'll continue that as we see more requests and ideas from members of our videogame community!

Update on the Limited Time Aries Set

Last month, we added the Piscean Song set, first of a new monthly farming reward series based on the sun signs of Western astrology: the Zodiac Heroes. Our goal is to have a set matching each of the astrological signs.

Normally, we would have released our Aries-themed set on or shortly after March 21st, when the phase began. But Neihi, the artist overseeing the series, needed to focus on a real-life, critical personal matter. She strove to get the set in on time, but family and health come first (always!) so we added the Prisma Ram Maurader set while she finished up the final set for all you Aries Heroes... and now you can see what will arrive this weekend!

Until then, you can talk to Kylokos the Astromancer, in the Arcangrove Observatory tower. Complete her quest to collect Star Shards; in return, she'll gift you pieces of the Prisma Ram Maurader set, imported from OverSoul. The Prisma Ram Maurader will go rare when the Zodiac Hero: Cancer set arrives in mid-June.

Complete her quest to choose individual pieces of the set:

  • Prisma Ram Maurader armor
  • Prisma Ram Raider armor
  • Prisma Ram Helm
  • Prisma Ram Cape
  • Prisma Ram Axe (single and dual wield)

Zodiac Heroes set schedule adjustment

We want to make sure our team members are always able to stay healthy, address real-life emergencies when they arise, and have the time and focus to create the quality items you ask for. That's why we're moving the  Taurus and Gemini sets to next year. That ensures Neihi has ample time to get ahead on the next few sets while being able to take care of all her other responsbilities.

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