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November 17, 2023

This Weekend: Oishii vs the Dark Rider

New Boss Battle, New Rewards, and New Rare Items

Greetings and good eatings, hero! Hungry for a Harvest Fest adventure? Log in now and belly up to the bar for Oishii's origin story. No trollin'! Relive her journey with Robina as they fight to defeat the Dark Rider's famine and began the most delicious tradition in Battleon!

New game release

  • Harvest Fest 2023: Oishii vs the Black Rider
  • Delicious and deadly new rewards
  • Black Friday 2023 Collection, Pt 1

Events + Gear Leaving

  • December 1: November daily gifts from November 4th - 19th
  • December 8: Harvest Fest 2023 + Black Friday 2023 rares

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Reputation
  • Saturday: Sweet Candymera pet from the Overgourd in /fearfeast
  • Sunday: Cleavers of Truth from the Abomineater in /feastboss

Harvest Treats for Victorious Heroes

Head to /blightharvest and talk to Robina. Complete this weekend's new story update to unlock the "Fowl Feast" reward farming quest to create a new reward set. Then check out Oishii's Autumn Merge Shop in the /eventhub to see the Spirit of Autumn's gifts for you!

Blightharvest Monster Drops

  • 2 Bows, 2 Rifles
  • Turdraken Carvers (single + dual-wield)
  • 5 Capes
  • 3 "homey" house items
  • 1 house guard
  • 4 Crystal house items

Robina's Blightharvest Merge

Collect resources to create new items in the merge shop.

  • Turdracolich Hunter and Stalker armors
  • 6 Turdracolich Hunter helms
  • Turdracolich Hunting Gear
  • Gold-Touched Carver Blade (single + dual-wield)
  • Gold-Touched Rifle
  • Turdraken Carving Gear
  • Cranberry Imp Pet

Oishii's Autumn Merge

To create the Spirit of Autumn set, you'll need Fallen Leaves, Gold Flakes, and Gnarled Wood. Check out the note in the merge shop for more information on how to get these items.

  • Spirit of Autumn armor
  • Visage of Autumn helm
  • Breath of Autumn Wind cape (animated)
  • Autumn Falls ground rune
  • Whisper of Autumn blade (single + dual-wield)

Achievement Tracker Update

Every time you log into AQWorlds, you've got some goal: meeting up with friends, ranking your newest class, or farming for the Blinding Light of Destiny. The sense of satisfaction when you accomplish that goal is one of the best things about playing AQW! But we want to give you even MORE rewards for playing... and that's where the Achievement Tracker comes in. 

Every achievement pack is a full item set; when you log in with this gear equipped, you'll have an immediate WOW factor. For now, read on to get a small teaser.

Achievement Tracker Rewards for 2023

  • 1,250,000 AdventureCoins: exclusive armor set + Item of Donated Awesomeness (as is traditional)
  • 15 Years Played: exclusive armor set + ???
  • 14 Years Membership: exclusive armor set + (as is traditional)

This is the FINAL TIER of the Achievement Tracker; once you've reached any (or all) of these tiers, you've done it. You've WON the tracker!

In addition to badges that will be displayed on your character page, each achievement will come with an exclusive armor set. And because these are the ultimate achievement tracker the rewards for each of the achievements will be incredibly shiny (literally and figuratively). Many of you will have been waiting for quite a while for what's coming up.

So whether you've been with us for years, or this is the first time you're seeing the Achievement Tracker update, you're in for a treat... NEXT MONTH! The new achievement rewards for 2023 will arrive next month. 

2023 Reward Release Date

The post above is from last month. We haven't given exact dates so we don't miss it and release them late. The rewards will arrive as soon as they're ready... fully ready. That way, we can make sure the heroes unlocking the final reward tier do not have to deal with major issues, missing art, etc.

Current plans are for the confirmed release date to be announced several days before it goes live. That way, we can be confident they will release as planned, with few (to no) issues. but should anything major change, we will post about that in the Design Notes as soon as possible!

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