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March 17, 2023

Dage & Gravelyn vs the Light

Dage's Dark Birthday 2023 Event continues this weekend!

Log in this weekend as we continue celebrating Dage the Evil's birthday with Part 2 of our "The Curse & The Blessing" story! The battle between the Shadowscythe and the Legion was interrupted by the machinations of an unknown Light Elemental. Now, you must battle once again as young Empress Gravelyn as she and Dage form a temporary alliance to rend the Light. O_O

Progression note: this is a continuation of the Nulgath 2023 Birthday Storyline, so make sure you've completed the quests in /templedelve first, then last week's update in /siegefortress.

New Dark Rewards

All month long, we'll be releasing new Legion and Underworld-themed reward sets for you to collect. All players can complete this weekend's release to unlock the Undead Parabellum, Underworld Infiltrator, and Young Empress Gravelyn gear!

Monster drops:

  • Standing Skeleton Prisoner Floor item
  • Kneeling Skeleton Prisoner Floor item
  • Reading Skeleton Floor item
  • Underworld Infiltrator Shurikens (single + dual wield)
  • Underworld Infiltrator Fractal Ground Rune (1% boss drop)

Fortress Delve Merge Shop:

  • Undead Parabellum armor
  • 3 Undead Parabellum helms
  • 4 Undead Parabellum capes
  • Undead Parabellum Gauntlet (single + dual wield)
  • Undead Parabellum Sword and Shield
  • Undead Parabellum Hammer
  • Undead Parabellum Blades
  • Undead Parabellum Blade
  • Underworld Infiltrator armor
  • 2 Underworld Infiltrator helms
  • Underworld Infiltrator Blade (single + dual wield)
  • Young Empress' armor + blade

Undead Legion Gear

Available in the Undead Legion merge shop

  • Underworld Parabellum armor
  • 3 Underworld Parabellum helms
  • 4 Underworld Parabellum capes
  • Underworld Parabellum Gauntlet (single + dual wield)
  • Underworld Parabellum Sword and Shield
  • Underworld Parabellum Hammer
  • Underworld Parabellum Blades
  • Underworld Parabellum Blade

Available in the Dark Birthday merge shop

  • Proto Legion Dark Caster armor
  • 2 Proto Legion Dark Caster helms
  • Proto Legion Dark Caster Ancient Rune
  • Proto Legion Dark Caster Focus Rune

The Proto Legion Dark Caster merge shop gear will go rare next month when the Dage's Devastation Birthday Collection leaves.

Undead Legion Exclusive items coming next week:

  • Legion Yulgar's Inn house
  • Dage the Lich King house guard (with animation that stares into your soul)
  • Dage's Devastation Paragon helm (the same as the one the 2023 Paragon pet wears)

If you're not a member of the Undead Legion, never fear! You, too, can sell your soul to Dage the Evil and become a part of his immortal army.

Happy Lucky Day, Heroes!

Are you feelin' LUCKY today, heroes? You're going to need it if you want to our new Lucky Day armor set. Battle the Pot o' Gold in the /luck map to collect all the pieces of the 0 AC Jackpot Winner armor, helm, and house guards!

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