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June 14, 2024

This Weekend: Flames of War

Main Story Update: Cold Thunder Saga, Chapter 3

The rumbling of Cold Thunder is drowned out by the cries of anguished innocents. The flames of war have ignited the shores of Skye, and Galanoth needs your help to defend and protect the rebels being ravaged in the Ruins of Loughshine. Log in this weekend for the next chapter of our main story, plus the return of our Father's Day events and all-new anime x meme rares and permanent items! 

New Game Update

  • Main Story: new update in the Cold Thunder Saga
  • New rewards: Skye Rogue armor sets
  • Holiday Event: Father's Day of Doom maps + gear return
  • Featured Gear sets: Anime x Meme rares, Twilly Supports you! pet, and color-custom Rogue set

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Reputation
  • Saturday drops: Sus moglin helms from the Baconcatzard in /eventhub
  • Sunday drops: Father's Day of DOOM maces from GleebleGlarble in the /nursery

Rogues, Rebels, & Rewards

Talk to Caoimhe* in the Ruins of Loughshine for two new sets in her merge shop! Craft the Skye Rogue set them gild it into the golden version.

Merge Shop Items:

  • Skye Executor
  • Skye Executor Hood (male & female)
  • Backhanded Speirling Dagger (single & dual-wield)
  • Skye Warden of the West
  • Skye Warden's Mask and Male/Female Cowled Mask
  • Skye Warden of the West Cape
  • Speirling Guardian Dagger (single & dual-wield)
  • Backhanded Speirling Guardian Dagger (single & dual-wield)

Loughshine monster drops:

  • Skye Executor Hooded Locks
  • Skye Executor's Cloak
  • Speirling Dagger (single & dual-wield)
  • Scorched Elder Yew floor item
  • Overdriven Energy Elemental floor item

Event hub monster drops:

  • Pufferfish Plushie (single & dual-wield)
  • Starfish Plushie (single & dual-wield)
  • Stingray Plushie (single & dual-wield)
  • Tiger Shark Plushie (single & dual-wield)

* Pronounced KEE-vah

Age of Ruin Saga: the Story So Far...

After the threat Malgor and his ShadowFlame army posed had been put to rest, you were left to address the scars he inflicted... and process the knowledge you gained. The Gods and Greater Beings of the Old Worlds Order have been revealed, and now you must complete the task they've set: to neutralize three dire threats before they awaken. 

Age of Ruin Saga: Voice in the Sea Chapter 1 of the  begins in the /TerminaTemple map. If you have not completed it, journey there now! You'll need to finish the entire saga before you can begin next week's adventure.

Events + Gear Leaving Soon

Summer's heating up, and so are our weekly game releases! Check out the June release calendar to see what's happening and when things leave so you don't miss a moment, a battle, or a limited time reward. 

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