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June 10, 2022

Summer Returns + Pride Gear 2022

Summer is here, and so is the hottest gear of the year!

Log in this weekend to get your battle on... at the beach as all our seasonal Summer hubtown and rewards return in the /summerbreak map. Talk to Beleen to find all our summer shops, surf gear, and adventure zones around Lore.

Summer-themed maps:
  • summerbreak
  • burningbeach
  • blazingbeach - new this year!
  • beachparty
  • freakitiki
  • coralbeach
  • lunacove

Summer Sun, Sand, and... SHARKS?!

Cast off those heavy armors and woolen mage robes. It's time to soak up some rays while chillin' out with your friends at the beach -- Burning Sands Beach has all the sun, sand, sharks (?!?) and sweet rewards a vacationing hero could hope for.

Find all the returning seasonal items you guys love to battle through the beach in, and keep checking back as we continue to add more new gear all summer long! New 2022 exclusive surfboards will be added to the Summer shop next month, and 2022 graduation gear will arrive next week.

Summer Days Shop gear:

  • Summer Style armor
  • Summer Rave armor
  • Prismatic Summer Rave armor
  • Summer Rave accessories
  • Victory and Battle Swimwear armors
  • Robes of Knowledge

Seasonal surfboard staffs:

  • Artix Dragon surfboard
  • Treasure Map surfboard
  • Surfboard of the Nation
  • Surfboard of the Legion
  • Surfboard of Destiny

Burning Beach is Under Attack!

This weekend, fight fire with fire as we return to Burning Beach. Blazebeard (Lore's most notorious pirate) gained access to one of Pyromancy's greatest artifacts, the Magmanacles.

Now, he seeks to steal the ancient power trapped deep inside the island's volcano. If he succeeds, he'll have enough strength to rules the seas... the land... and beyond. Head to /blazingbeach as we continue the story of ArchMage Pyralis and the refugees of Feverfew Isle.

Or, if you're just joining us, begin the adventure in /burningbeach, where Pyralis seekst your help to save her people from an imminent volcanic eruption and the power of a raging (and trapped!) Storm Elemental.

Pride 2022: Show Your True Colors

This month, and every month. Feeling like you're different, or don't belong, is always a challenge. That's why it is so important to recognize that our differences and unique qualities are what make us special. The Artix Entertainment community has always been made up of many different heroes: we live in different countries, believe different things, have different types of families.... but one thing has always been true. We believe that you should always be proud of who you are and the struggles you've overcome.

As people around the United States celebrate Pride month, we're bringing back our seasonal items... and NEW gear for you to show off!

New Shop Gear:

  • 3 armors: Joy Explorer, Reversed Joy Explorer, and Joy Wanderer
  • 8 helms
  • 2 capes

All of this year's new shop gear is available for all players for gold.

New Reward Drops:

  • Pastel Rainbow Armor
  • 2 Pastel Rainbow Helms
  • Joy Explorer Ground Rune

All 4 drops are 0 AC and seasonal, and can be obtained by battling the MMMirage monster in /summerbreak.

Seasonal Shop Gear:

  • Prismatic Pride Outfit + accessories*
  • Rainbow Pride Outfit + accessories
  • Shades of Pink Outfit + accessories
  • Shades of Violet Outfit + accessories
  • Rainbow Crocodile Pet

Live a life full of color, happiness, joy, and pride. Battle On!

* Four colors to customize (base, trim, accessories, and eye color)

#WorldGoals: Juneteenth is about equality. Respect. Kindness for all. 

Tomorrow is Juneteenth, and here in the US, we've just made it an official federal holiday. Some of you might be asking... "What's that?" Many of you already know. In case you don't, though... let me share what that means.

Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the United States. Most states in the US celebrate this on June 19th (which is where the holiday's name comes from, June + nineteenth) but in several areas around the country the celebrations can stretch across several days of parades, parties, lectures, and exhibitions celebrating African-American culture.

Members of our player community have every color skin, practice every religion, and come from nearly every country around the world. It has always been important to us to represent and promote equality, unity, kindness, and the spirit of playing together.

I hope you'll join us in continuing to move towards a better world, where all heroes can work alongside each other as we direct our combined energy, talent, and skill towards goals that will take us all further and higher.

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