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April 10, 2023

Monday, April 10th News Roundup

You've got questions? We've got (short) answers!

With so many players on so many different platforms, the team and I found that our information had become really scattered over the last few years. Our round-up Design Notes posts gather all the posts made across social media and our sites to make sure you never miss out on important AQWorlds details, no matter which platform you use.

April Event Calendar Updated

The April 2023 Calendar of Events for AdventureQuest Worlds has been updated!

New this month: Resource farming boosts will now last an entire week.

Log in for a new boost, reward, or activity every day and see what's coming up here:

Where is the Aries Zodiac Hero set? 

The artist overseeing this set series, Neihi, has had some critical real-life family issues. She is working feverishly on finishing the set. In the meantime, we'll add a Ram-themed set from Oversoul for this year, so you have something to farm for while the sign is still in ascendency.

Bug Team Reminder: Original Drakath Badge

A note from Cemaros, head of the Bugs Team: Some time back the shop for the Original Drakath Armor in your Book of Lore moved from the Other Badges section to its proper place in the Achievement Badges section.

We just noticed the Note was still wrong, and fixed that to send you to the right place as well.

Swordhaven Glow Up Sneak Peek

This weekend, we're going back to Swordhaven for a polish pass, to give the town a "glow-up" so that what new players see better matches other areas of the game. 

Check out this sample screenshot from AQWorlds background artist, Crulon, showing off some of his shading updates. 

AQWorlds: Infinity Feature Requests

As work on AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity continues, I see more and more requests requests and suggestions. I pass those on to the team. Here are the latest from Twitter, and where the team is at with them. 

Requests for:

  • Item trading
  • Stat tracking

There's merit in both ideas, and the team has previously discussed how each could be possible. Implementing trade well -- accounting for the "rare / end-game farming item economy" and preventing potential security and account issues -- are the critical piece of the puzzle that would need to be solved.

Stat tracking is a phenomenal idea, and would give the team a great reason to add more achievements for you to show off (and possibly leaderboards, as previously discussed).

I sent over the requests to the AQI devs this morning to let them know there's still interest in both. These would be "future phase" feature additions if implemented, not available for the alpha or beta launches.

Daily Login Boost: 48 Hr Double Class Points

Happening now: 48 hour DOUBLE Class Points boost on all servers! Log in each day for a new reward, boost, or other bonus.

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