Design Notes

October 19, 2016

AQ3D Open Beta is LIVE on Steam

Log in and play now... in the 3rd dimension!

Artix just yelled across the lab that OPEN BETA is live on STEAM! Find it here and check it out!

Please give the game some love in a review. Android version launching shortly, with iOS to follow soon! Don't miss any of the news on AQ3D's open beta progress -- keep up to date with Artix's AQ3D Design Notes!


Unlock the AQ3D Nightlocke Weapons!

To celebrate the release of AQ3D on Steam... here in the 2D AQWorlds, we've introduced the Nightlocke weapons! Since players in AQ3D had to work so hard to get them, we couldn't just put them in a celebration shop... no, you'll need to EARN these wicked rewards!

/join aqw3D (remember that map from April Fools?) and head into Yulgar's 3D Inn, then up the stairs to find these floating-but-ferocious weapon monsters! There's a small chance you will get the Nightlocke weapons as a reward drop! The AQ3D heroes had to work HARD to get this gear in their game... and so will you! (But that just makes it more rewarding once you get the loot, right?!)

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