Design Notes

June 18, 2024

Death & Destiny are Waiting...

This Weeks's Tuesday Update is Live!

We've got double update headed your way as we celebrate DragonFable's anniversary and recognize the valiant efforts of two super-talented hockey teams as they battle for victory in real life.

In honor of DragonFable's birthday this month, we've brought over one of their most frequently-encountered NPCs to stand guard in your /house. Talk to the Grim Reaper in the /Death map. Complete his new quest to unlock the Otherworld Death House Guard!

  • Permanently available, 0 AC for free storage
  • Pre-requisites: Death's quests + Thanatop's quests in /deathsrealm

Hockey Fans, Get ready to /cheer!

Equip your thickest winter gloves, heroes! You'll need them to grab the super-cool sets waiting for you in the IceStorm Arena. We're celebrate Lore's version of the Stanley cup with all-new hockey gear. Battle monsters to collect all the pieces of the 0 AC, seasonal Hockey Star Captain and member-only, color-customizable Enchanted Hockey Star Captain sets! 

Ursice Savage:

  • Hockey Star Captain
  • Enchanted Hockey Star Captain

Icewing Grunt:

  • Hockey Star Helmet
  • Enchanted Hockey Star Helmet

Skeletal Ice Mage:

  • Hockey Star Captain Hair + Locks

Snow Leopard Skin Walker:

  • Resting Hockey Stick + Resting Hockey Sticks capes
  • Resting Enchanted Hockey Stick + Sticks capes

IceWing Elite:

  • Northlands Hockey Stick polearm (single + dual-wield)
  • Enchanted Northlands Hockey Stick polearm (single + dual-wield)

Ice Symbiote:

  • Hockey Star Mochi pet

Seasonal drops will be available until June 30th.

Additional Updates

Keeping you in the know with bug fixes and projects currently in progress.

Item Fixes:

  • The Scorched Elder Yew house item had its flames corrected. They are now fire-colored, not ice-colored.

Newly Added:

  • The XXIV Undead Legion character page and Book of Lore badge art rolled.

In Progress:

  • Last month, we showed off Aciel's progress on some of the Dage vs Nulgath weapon contest winner entries. We had to move him onto other projects, so we've handed off the other weapons to J6. We'll keep you up to date with when the items will release in-game.
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