Design Notes

May 15, 2020

Class Balance Updates

Patch 1.2 (Post Combat Changes)

Abyssal Angel/Abyssal Angel’s Shadow

While we believe Abyssal Angel’s farming performance is at an acceptable level, we thought its single target damage output was lacking. We made some changes to increase its performance in single target fights and decrease pressure from its mana costs:

  • Flight/Shadowed Flight DoT damage increase: 50% > 75%, 
  • Flight/Shadowed Flight DoT now also applies Mana Refraction, which reduces mana costs by 50% for 8 seconds
  • Fallen’s Judgement/Umbral Judgement: Sinned Arrow can now be applied while the HoT aura is active

Blaze Binder

Though Blaze Binder’s performance was never subpar, it improved less than other farming classes when the respawn speed was decreased. In response, we added a loopable Haste boost to Fire in Your Skin to slightly decrease all skill cooldowns and increase the rate at which Blaze Binder deals damage.

  • Fire in Your Skin now also applies Blazing Speed, which increases haste by 15% for 14 seconds

Master of Moglins

Master of Moglins received less of a boost compared to other classes when the respawn speed was decreased, so we increased its farming performance and ease of use. Its AoE skills now have unlimited range which allows it to draw monsters across long ranges, and its auto attack now hits 4 targets to match its skills. Because it now targets 4 enemies, its auto attack damage was decreased-- however, the increased AoE allows it to activate more Awe enhancement effects than before.

  • Moglin’s Magical Strike number of target’s hit: 1 > 4, damage decreased- Range increased on all skills


As a farmer with low skill cooldowns, Shaman's performance increased more than other classes when respawn speeds decreased. We rebalanced Shaman to increase its viability vs single targets and in PvP and decrease its farming performance. Reducing mana costs for Dry Lightning and Elemental Embrace increases its burst potential in PvP, while increasing the mana cost of Ancestor's Flame decreases its ability to maintain mana against quickly respawning enemies. This change places it near where it previously performed, compared to other farming classes.

  • Ancestor’s Flame mana cost: 10 > 15- Dry Lightning mana cost: 40 > 30 - Elemental Embrace mana cost: 60 > 30 

Vampire Lord
We decided to put a bit of the “Gouge” back in Ghoul Gouge.

  • Ghoul Gouge damage increased
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