Design Notes

July 08, 2024

Pyroclastic Rewards

Get fired up with today's new monster drops

We're bringing the heat, because today's new reward items are on fire. Literally. Log in now and /join Xantown. Battle Xan the Pyromancer for a chance to get two super-hot new house guards and 2 plushie weapons. 

Today's game update is fire... but a gentle one. If last week's treasure hunt difficulty was "inferno-level rage" today's update is like a campfire. Warm, soothing, and if you're lucky, you'll get a treat before it goes out.

This week's rewards include:

  • Xan the Pyromancer Guard (0 AC, available for all heroes)
  • Enraged Pyromancer Guard (0 AC, member-only, animated)
  • Pyromancer Plushie (single-wield)
  • Pyromancer Plushies (dual-wield)

Rewards will be permanently available.

Also new this week:

We AC-tagged some of the misc items that are required to access certain screens of the map /Shipwreck. These include:

  • Crystalized Crowbar
  • Trapdoor Key
  • What is THAT?!
  • Lobthulu Claw
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