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July 08, 2021

This weekend: HeroMart's Grand Reopening

HeroMart, HeroPoints, and Calendar Classes O_O!!!

HeroMart is Artix Entertainment's one and only real-world loot store. Stryche and his army of shipping sneevils offer gear you can /equip offline: t-shirts, calendars, posters, and more.

Heromart is once again ramping up production, with many new posters, shirts, and other gear coming in the near future. That's why we've worked with the HeroMart crew to get the in-game map ready to re-open... and this weekend, you can /join Heromart to find all the returning rewards for HeroPoints... and a few shiny new options.

As we continue to add more items for HeroPoints over the coming months and years, we'll also be making them available for AdventureCoins. That way, players who cannot get those digital in-game rewards (for example, because of high shipping costs) will still have a way to obtain them.

What are HeroPoint Rewards, and what are they for?

HeroPoints are a special currency you get as a bonus when you buy select merchandise (like T-shirts, prints, posters, etc) from our online store, HeroMart

 Spend them on digital reward items in AdventureQuest Worlds and several of our other online video games.

How do you earn HeroPoints?

The only way to earn HeroPoints is to buy select merchandise directly from HeroMart.  You will receive the HeroPoints redemption code on the packing slip when your package arrives at your door.

  • 1 HeroPoint is roughly equal to $5 USD
  • For every $5 dollars you spend on select merchandise, you'll get 1 HP (select items may have additional HP added on as a special bonus)

Check out what merchandise comes with HeroPoints rewards on this page.

What if I just want to buy the digital item rewards?

Good news! Starting this month, we will offer the ability to buy select digital item rewards directly in-game using AdventureCoins OR HeroPoints.

The AC price will be equal to the value of the item in HeroPoints. For example, if a sword costs 2 HeroPoints, it will cost around 2,000 AdventureCoins. (1 HP = about $5 USD =  around 1,000 ACs) This way, we keep the price fair for all players, no matter how they buy the item.

  • This option will only be available for in-game items released starting this month.
  • Items in the original HeroPoints Merge shop return this weekend but will not be available for AdventureCoins.
  • Buying items for HeroPoints or AdventureCoins will not unlock the exclusive character page badge that comes with the physical merchandise
  • These items are not available as selections in the Item of Donated Awesomeness pool

What if I want to give my friend HeroPoints?

We've gotten many requests over the years for a way to gift your friends HeroPoints. Now that we will be selling the digital in-game item rewards, you'll be able to give your friend an Artix Points gift certificate. They can redeem that for AdventureCoins to buy the item/s they'd like.

Will I be able to buy exclusive rewards with HeroPoints or ACs?

Some merchandise will come with exclusive in-game rewards that will not be available for HeroPoints or AdventureCoins. (For example -- a hypothetical future 2nd generation of moglin plushies)

The product details page on will specify what rewards it comes with, and how it will be available, so you will know in advance.

Can I exchange ACs for HP, or vice versa?

Good question (and great way to think outside the box). No, you won't be able to exchange one currency for the other. 

Didn't HeroPoints go rare?

The HeroPoints map, quests, and merge shop were removed temporarily from the game a few years ago due to an exploit in the game. The HeroPoints reward items themselves were never intended to go rare, and now we’re excited to bring them back for you!

New Variants of Calendar Classes Arrive 

That’s right! Over the last few years, we have been returning rare class skills paired with different art so that we aren’t locking new players out of core gameplay mechanics. And now, after many years and thousands of player requests… we’re doing the same with the Calendar Classes! (Plus, the 2011 - 2016 calendar classes have all been buffed to better fit our modern class balance standards.)

Starting this weekend, you’ll be able to buy Timelock Keys with AdventureCoins to unlock new variants of the Calendar Class sets** for AdventureCoins. Or you can buy the class and individual set items for HeroPoints.

  • Chronomancer Prime: 2011 Chronomancer Class variant
  • ChronoChaorruptor: 2012 ChronoCorruptor Class variant
  • TimeKeeper: 2013 TimeKiller Class variant
  • ChronoCommandant: 2014 ChronoCommander Class variant
  • Chrono DataKnight: 2015 Chrono DragonKnight Class variant
  • Interstellar Knight: 2016 Infinity Knight Class variant
  • ShadowWeaver of Time: 2017 ShadowWalker of Time Class variant
  • Empyrean Chronomancer: 2018 Eternal Chronomancer Class variant

And in the near future, we'll also be adding the:

  • Timeless Chronomancer: 2019 Corrupted Chronomancer Class variant
  • Overworld Chronomancer: 2020 Underworld Chronomancer Class variant
  • Necrotic Chronomancer: 2021 Nechronomancer Class variant

How to buy the AC version:

  1. Talk to Stryche in the /HeroMart map
  2. Buy the Timelock Key for the Class for 6,000 ACs*** 
  3. The Timelock Key opens up a shop with the 0 AC class, armor, and accessories (Talk to Stryche to find your new gear shop)

How to buy the HeroPoints version:

  1. Buy merchandise from HeroMart. 
  2. Once your merch arrives, find the HeroPoints code printed on your packing slip.
  3. Redeem your code on the Portal site and apply the HeroPoints to your AQWorlds account.
  4. Login to your AQWorlds account and /join Heromart
  5. Talk to Stryche to open the HeroPoints merge shop for the Calendar Class you want
  6. Buy the Class or any of the set items using your HeroPoints

Note: Currently, the /curio map has the original 2017 Timelock Key. This will remain available until the 2017 calendar sells out on The 2018 Calendar sold out, and so the Immortality Key, which unlocks the 2018 class, will be removed with this weekend's release.

* Owners of the original versions of past Calendar Classes will unlock the new variants for free in their badge shop in the Book of Lore.

** Classes were named intentionally so the acronyms would remain the same. That way, players will still know which classes other heroes are referring to. 

*** With the 2017 Calendar, we had two ways to obtain the Calendar Class. Players could unlock it for free by purchasing the physical calendar from HeroMart or could buy a Timelock Key for 6,000 AdventureCoins to unlock the class and set items. This new model follows our 2017 plan.

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