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February 04, 2022

February Class Balance Updates

Star Captain, Infinity Knight, and More

The AQWorlds Class Balance team has been hard at work reviewing your feedback and the in-game performance our live classes. Just released: another round of class balance updates to help you get the most out of each battle!

Infinity Knight / Interstellar Knight

This class received a large series of changes reworking how it plays to feel more involved, interactive, smoother, and increasing your active damage time drastically. Several changes were made to control scaling in PvP due to the decreases in cooldown. Your main resource aura caps were lowered so that the time to hit max resource effectiveness is much shorter, and damage per stack scaling on auras was drastically increased to compensate. Your final DPS and performance is higher than it used to be.

The class remains an endgame DPS class with solo viability, and pvp viability as well.

  • Stack limit of Perpetual Rend, Temporal Shift, and Temporal Rift changed to 6 (and other effects buffed in tandem)
  • Perpetual Rend now lowers opponent dodge by 20%
  • Strike of Dawn cooldown changed to 3 seconds, and can now crit and be avoided, range changed to medium
  • Daybreak cooldown reduced to 6 seconds, mana cost reduced to 12, range changed to medium
  • Veil of Compressed time description fixed to match value (always gave -36%, but description said -50%), now gives +15% haste, and always applies
  • Daybreak Stun now lasts 1 second
  • Daybreak Heal heal scaling increased to 200% per stack
  • Incinerating Era damage scaling increased to 250% per stack, mana cost reduced to 14
  • Equinox cooldown changed to 22, range changed to medium
  • Prior Dawn condensed into one aura, now applies flat +30% haste and DoT damage taken
  • Subsequent Dusk now applies -30% haste and DoT damage taken
  • Wane of Dusk icon fixed to no longer look unavailable.
  • Descriptions rewritten to both include more flavor text and be more accurate
  • Icons and animations updated to give the class more flair

Star Captain

This class is receiving many quality of life (QoL) updates to make its play smoother, more interesting, and add some choice in play, as well as to buff its performance.

  • Rift Heal and Thick Skin now last 4 seconds
  • Rift Heal now heals twice as much
  • Wolfblade Alignment, Runehawk Alignment, and Mystraven Alignment cooldown changed to 5 seconds, now do damage at all times, and deal increased damage
  • Berserk and Rage now both increase by 9% per stack, stack to 4, and last 20 seconds
  • Armor Pierced now increases all damage taken by 5% per stack, stacks to 8, and lasts 20 seconds
  • Shield Pulse Generator and Energy Shield now affect 25% of their respective stats, stack to 2, and last 20 seconds
  • Imminent End now lowers mana cost by 8% per stack and stacks to 12
  • World Ender cooldown reduced to 20 seconds, damage reduced
  • Descriptions updated

Eternal Inversionist

This class is receiving a buff to survivability and farming, and some QoL changes to make it make more sense as a farmer. Remains a mid-game farmer that can be used in late-game as well.

  • Rejuvenation now procs 25% of the time, and heals 250% as much per tick
  • Twisted Viper, Ancient Wrap, and Stasis cooldown reduced to 5 seconds
  • Caricature cooldown reduced to 16 seconds
  • Curse of Ages now increases damage taken by 25%, no longer stacks
  • Curse of Time now no longer stacks, but deals full damage immediately
  • Curse of Eternity now reduces hit chance by 25%, no longer stacks
  • Descriptions updated

Chronomancer / Chronomancer Prime

This class was somewhat overtuned with the previous buffs to topend classes. Now that those are being and have been adjusted, this is being adjusted to match its relative placement. This will remain a meta class by performance.

  • Rift Collapse cooldown changed to 12 seconds
  • Rift Inversion heal scaling increased to 140% per stack
  • Temporal Warp duration increased to 16 seconds, effect changed to +15% haste.
  • Descriptions updated

Ranger / Master Ranger

This class was buffed to perform at its intended range- a mid-game class presented late in the Chaos Saga. Now, it’s a viable mid-game farmer and solo class, while not necessarily being the best choice for either.

  • Ranger Secrets changed to +15% dodge and +7% haste
  • Death Mark effect changed  to +5% damage taken per stack, stacks to 6
  • Mark for Death mana cost reduced to 0
  • Scorching Arrow cooldown reduced to 3 seconds
  • Explosive Bolt cooldown changed to 9 seconds
  • Vampiric Shot mana cost reduced to 10 and cooldown reduced to 9 seconds
  • Descriptions and icons updated

Like what you see? Want to share your thoughts with the team? Send a message to the Class Balance team and Alina_AE on Twitter or in our official Discord server.

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