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October 28, 2022

Archmage Questline Update

Thank you for sharing your feedback... now we're acting on it!

Some changes to the Archmage questline to address concerns. Overall time to do the quests remains relatively similar, but now offers more shortcuts for more prepared players, and alternative routes to avoid some of the low drop rate items. Some of the quest items now come from either more or completely different locations, so be sure to read the changes carefully! As a bonus, all the drop rates will be disclosed.

Tapping Into the Arcane

  • Stack size of Mystic Quills, Shards, and Parchment have been increased (99 -> 1000)
  • Stack size of Mystic Ink has been increased to (1 -> 10) (10% drop)

Aethereal Flow

  • Stack size of all the quest Ethers has been increased (3 -> 10)
  • Celestial Ether and Chaotic Ether drop rate increased (20% -> 30%)
  • Infernal, Mortal, and Vital Ether drop rate increased (10% -> 20%)

Tracing Ley Lines

  • Stack size of all loci increased (3 -> 10)
  • Sky Locus now drops from the Aspects of Good and Evil (25%) in addition to the existing /skytower gemstones (2%)
  • Sea Locus now drops from the Chaos Kraken in /chaoskraken (100%) in addition to the existing /natatorium Merdraconian and Anglerfish (2%) 
  • Earth Locus no longer drops from Crystallized Mana Construct (5% -> 0%), now drops from Ektorax in /ectocave (50%)
  • Fire Locus no longer drops from the Magman (5% -> 0%), now drops from Drakonnan (30%) and Ultra Drakonnan (50%) in /drakonnan
  • Prime Locus renamed to Prime Locus Attunement, drop rate increased on mana golem (5% -> 100%), now drops from all mobs in /elemental (20%), stacks to 300, and 30 are required for the quest
  • Quest text updated

Book of Magus: Incantation

  • Celestial Magia can now be merged in the /timeinn merge (1x Warden, Ezrajal, and Engineer insignia -> 10 Celestial Magia) in addition to the existing drop from the 3 normal bosses (30%)
  • Mortal Essence now drops from the Lightguard Casters and Lightguard Paladins in /lightguardwar (10%) and Sigrid Sunshield (100%) in addition to the existing /noxustower Lightguard Casters (10%)
  • Quest text updated 

Book of Fire: Immolation

  • Shadowfire Wisps now drop from Avatar Tyndarius (100% 1-2x) in addition to the /fireavatar monsters (10%)
  • Emblazoned Basalt now drops from the Mafic Dragon (50%) in addition to the existing /mafic monsters (10%) 

Book of Ice: Glacial Impact 

  • Rimeblossoms, Starlit Frost, and Temporal Floe now drop from the Icewing Warlord in /icestormarena (100%) in addition to the existing locations (30%, 30%, and 100% respectively)
  • Quest text updated 

Book of Aether: Supernova

  • Flibbitiestgibbet in /thevoid now drops Void Essence (100%) (regardless of if the quest is accepted), which can be used to merge Void Essentia, (25x Void Essence + 75 Void Aura + 750k gold -> Void Essentia)
  • A Fragment of the Beginning can now be merged in the /streamwar merge shop (250 Prismatic Seams + 10 Unbound Thread + 750k gold -> A Fragment of the Beginning)
  • Void Essentia now sells for 187,500 gold (4% drop)Vital Exanima now costs 750,000 gold + 10 Dage Insignias and sells for 187,500 gold (1% drop)
  • Everlight Flame now costs 750,000 gold + 6 Tyndarius Insignia and sells for 187,500 gold (1% drop)
  • A Fragment of the Beginning now sells for 187,500 gold (2% drop)

Book of Arcana: Arcane Sigil

  • Calamitous Ruin can now be merged in the /darkcarnax merge shop (25 Synthetic Viscera + 750k gold) in addition to being gotten as a drop Calamitous Ruin now sells for 187,500 gold (7% drop)
  • Undying Resolve now costs 750,000 gold + 5 Darkon Insignia and sells for 187,500 gold (1% drop)
  • Insatiable Hunger now sells for 375,000 gold (20% drop)

Lumina Elementi

  • Quest now requires level 100 Quest xp reward removed (10,000,000 -> 0)
  • Quest gold reward increased (2,500,000 -> 4,000,000)
  • Divine Veil and Divine Veil and Locks now has a 50% Reputation and Class Points boost in addition to its 30% Gold boost
  • Quest text updated

Class Change FAQ

What was the purpose of these updates?

Low drop rates don’t feel great for farming, we hear you all. These updates are aimed at decreasing the amount of randomness in the farming, and increasing the sense of constant progression.

All difficult boss drops below 20% now have alternative routes to obtain, and many of them now also have gold values for selling, meaning that anyone who helps others farm is rewarded more as well.

We didn’t want to change the overall average time to finish the quests by too much, as it is an endgame class and farm, but also did want to offer more shortcuts and faster methods for players who plan well in advance or want to take on more difficult methods, so more of those have been built in as well.

Why do the Loci drops come from harder bosses now?

The drop rate was drastically increased to reduce the randomness of the quest, and harder monsters were used to compensate for the potential reduction in completion time (both because the Ether quest now has increased drop rates, and the Ley Lines quest has a very hefty XP reward).

Why do the shortcut items cost gold now?

Unfortunately, the buy and sell cost of items is tied together. The sell costs give some incentive to help others with farming the boss drop items, while the shortcut gold cost also compensates for more shortcuts being added.

Why did you increase the level requirement of the bonus quest?

It being level 90 and having an EXP reward was a leftover from a previous version of the quest- since the quest requires items that require level 100, it should have been a level 100 quest with no XP reward in the first place. In compensation for this, the gold reward will be increased as well.

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