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February 25, 2022

New Class Balance Updates

Class Updates, Potion Updates, and More

The AQWorlds Balance team has been hard at work reviewing your feedback and the in-game performance our live classes. Just released: another round of class balance updates!


This class was buffed to bring out its main traits and themes better, while preserving its main usages. Now, it classes as a mid-game to late-game solo class, and a viable high tier PvP class, with niche usages outside of it.

  • Joust now has a 100% chance to stun your opponent, and also applies Off Balance, preventing stun for 12 seconds thereafter
  • Thrust mana cost reduced to 10, no longer applies Off Balance
  • Punctured changed to affect all damage on enemy
  • Magnetized Precision cooldown reduced to 6 seconds, mana cost reduced to 10, skill now always hits and crits, damage reduced
  • Auto Repair heal drastically increased, cooldown reduced to 20 seconds, mana cost reduced to 20, but now never crits
  • Charge cooldown reduced to 15 seconds, mana cost reduced to 20, range increased to infinite, and now applies Prepared Strike to caster, guaranteeing your next two Jousts are critical hits
  • Demoralized and Momentum duration increased to 15 seconds
  • Stalwart END increase raised to 75%
  • Deflection changed to -30% incoming damage
  • Descriptions updated

Legendary Hero / Dark Legendary Hero

This class was largely reworked to become a mid-game and late-game support class, with a few end-game applications.

  • Starstruck no longer applies Focus nor Legendary, now applies Plot Armor, increasing your defense by 8%, stacks to 4, lasts 8 seconds
  • Lead the Charge cooldown reduced to 5 seconds, mana cost reduced to 10, now heals 7 targets for a small amount, and applies a stack of Legendary to all targets
  • Legendary now stacks to 8 and increases your crit damage by 5% per stack
  • Stolen Thunder cooldown reduced to 5 seconds, mana cost reduced to 10, now applies Dissonance, reducing enemy damage dealt and haste by 15%, and crit chance by 5%
  • Stolen Thunder now decreases crit chance by 10%
  • Legacy Crater reworked to be a healing skill- cooldown reduced to 40, mana cost reduced to 40, changed to target friendlies, and now applies Heroic Surge at rank 10
  • Legacy Crater aura changed to scale off of Legendary Stacks and now ticks twice as fast
  • Heroic Surge no longer randomly applies, and now increases STR, INT, and LUK by 40% for 6 seconds
  • Legendary Strength changed to +15% haste and damage dealt
  • Descriptions updated

Ninja / Assassin / Ninja Warrior 

This doesn’t change any current uses of Ninja, it’s simply to prevent possible bugs.

  • Shadowblade Hit Chance reduction changed to 100%
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