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January 12, 2024

Nulgath Quest Updates

Fiendishly Useful Improvements based on your feedback

Hello everyone, Immortal Joe here again with another round of Nulgath related changes. Before I delve into this week's updates, I'd like to briefly address some points of concern regarding past changes to the /tercessuinotlim map and provide the reasoning for them, and to also answer a few common questions.

Past Map Updates

The removal of item requirements to traverse the map, such as Defeated Makai and Escherion's Chain

Simply put, these items took up too much inventory space and having to unbank them before entering the map was often seen as an annoyance. The intent of these items was to check the player's strength, but that is now done through Death's Head at the Citadel's portal entrance.

The removal of wrong path map exits

While this change did reduce the amount of varying cave exits in the map, getting sent to Battleon, having to rejoin Citadel to then make a long walk back to the portal room, and then through /tercessuinotlim to get back to that previous point, led to a very frustrating experience. The map still has several random paths, and the midweek update introduced a new consequence for taking the wrong path.

The removal of mob aggression

While mob made the map more unique, players that were interacting with NPCs would often be interrupted by respawning monsters that other players were fighting. The aggression was removed from rooms without NPCs so that they were consistent with the rest of the map. The recent change to the Dark Makai no longer being aggressive on respawn was due to the fact that it was possible to obtain Essence without having to participate in combat.

The linking of various NPC rooms

In addition to having to make a long trek to an NPC in order to speak to them, having to memorize the various paths to them is less of a challenge, and more of an annoyance. Therefore, they were all linked together for the sake of convenience.

Questions and Answers

Will there be a new hardcore Nulgath farming quest?

Yes, and soon. It will be the toughest Nation quest(s?) yet.

Will there be a new Nulgath class?

There are currently no plans for a new Nulgath related class.

Can the rare and seasonal Nulgath birthday pets get their temp item stack limits increased for their respective quests?


Item Updates

  • Void Avenger Scythe now provides a 40% damage boost to all monsters, "Eternal Rest" quest requirementsupdated (see the Quest Updates section).
  • DuckStick2000 is no longer a guaranteed drop from the "Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance" and "The Assistant" quests.
  • Unidentified 24 no longer drops from Drudgen's Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance quest and is no longer a guaranteed drop from the "The Assistant Quest". Can now be merged with x1 Unmoulded Fiend Essence in Swindle's Rip-Off Emporium.
  • The Betrayal Blade pets have had "Pet" appended to the end of their names.
  • Updated the descriptions for various Nulgath resources.

Swindle Bilk's To Go Hut Pet Update

Added a new quest exclusive to owners of the Swindle Bilk's To Go Hut pet:

Swindle Bilk's To Go Hut is no longer able to be sold.

Swindle's Bonus Deal

Requirements: Swindle Bilk's To Go Hut

  • Requires: Unidentified 14 x1, Unidentified 15 x1, Unidentified 17 x1, Unidentified 18 x1, Unidentified 32 x1
  • Rewards: 10,000 XP, Receipt of Swindle x3, and a choice between one of: Unidentified 13 x1, Diamond of Nulgath x70, Tainted Gem x40, Dark Crystal Shard x12, Gem of Nulgath x8, or Blood Gem of the ArchFiend x2

Quest Updates

The stack limits for the turn-in requirement items on the following quests have been doubled:

  • Astral Hanzo Orb Quest
  • Crimson Hanzo Orb Quest
  • Void Knight Sword Quest (both versions, excludes Aquamarine of Nulgath)
  • Time is Money
  • New Worlds, New Opportunities (both versions)

The "Assisting Drudgen" quest on the "Tendurrr The Assistant" Pet have been updated:

  • Random rewards have been changed to "Choose One Of"
  • Some reward amounts increased
    Diamond of Nulgath x2 -> x20
    Tainted Gem x2 - > x15
    Dark Crystal Shard x2 > x10
    Gem of Nulgath x2 -> x10
    Blood Gem of the ArchFiend x2 -> 4

The "Assisting Crag and Bamboozle" quest on the "Tendurrr The Assistant" Pet has been updated:

  • Random rewards have been changed to "Choose One Of",
  • Unidentified 10 x5 has been added as a guaranteed reward 
  • The Nation Round 4 Medal turn-in requirement has also been replaced with Fiend Seal x10
  • The "Nulgath (Larvae)" quest has been renamed to "Nulgath's Roulette of Misfortune" 
  • The drop rates of the following items have been increased:
    Dark Crystal Shard: 13% > 20%
    Blood Gem of the Archfiend: 2% > 3%
    Totem of Nulgath: 1% > 1.5% 
  • The Oblivion Blade and King Klunk pets will receive the new version of this quest next week.
  • The "Essence of Defeat Reagent" quest now always rewards x2 Dark Crystal Shards.
  • The "Forge Gemstones for Nulgath" quest now requires the "Unidentified Weapon" item instead of Yara's Sword. 
  • The Unidentified Weapon is no longer a temporary item and will now also drop when this quest is accepted.
  • The "Eternal Rest" quest now has a level 90 requirement and the amount of Void Aura required has been increased to 150 (requirements changed to reflect the change on the Void Avenger Scythe).
  • The "Void Shogun Farming Quest" quest no longer requires Unidentified 24.
  • Various quest descriptions have been updated.
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