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February 11, 2022

New Class Balance Updates

Evolved Leprechaun, Guardian, and More

The AQWorlds Class Balance team has been hard at work reviewing your feedback and the in-game performance our live classes. Just released: another round of class balance updates to help you get the most out of each battle!

Evolved Leprechaun

Received a light overhaul to be more interactive, impactful, and more powerful. Now places as a respectable mid-game solo class with niche late-game applicability.

  • Soilsigh mana cost reduced to 0 and cooldown changed to 16 seconds
  • Keen effect changed to +50% crit damage, lasts 10 seconds, and is nonrefreshable
  • Amharach cooldown reduced to 4 seconds, damage reduced
  • Trodai cooldown reduced to 4 seconds, mana cost reduced to 10
  • Stalic effect changes to +10% crit chance, +20% dodge, and duration changed to 8 seconds
  • Slanaitheoir cooldown reduced to 20 seconds, mana cost reduced to 16
  • Slanaitheoir effect changed to +100% luck, +25% crit chance, and +75% crit mod, but only lasts 4 seconds
  • Eirinn Go Brasch effect changed to +10% dodge
  • Descriptions updated

Elemental Dracomancer / Love Caster

This class was buffed to better reflect when it’s available, and be more self sufficient. Remains a mid-game solo class with easy to use mechanics.

  • Ssikari’s Breath cooldown increased to 5 seconds, damage increased
  • Lliath’s Torrent cooldown decreased to 5 seconds
  • Duradun’s Scaled cooldown reduced to 10 seconds, and now heals the caster
  • Astialo’s Wings now cannot be avoided but cannot crit, damage increased, and cooldown decreased to 10 seconds
  • Dragon’s Speed renamed to Dragon’s Wisdom, effect changed to +10% wisdom
  • Primal Power activation rate increased to 5%, now only activates on use of Astialo’s Wings
  • Descriptions updated

TimeKiller / TimeKeeper

This class was scaled back in how fast it can build its Rift Collapse nuke, but still does roughly the same amount of damage in the long run.

  • Rift Slash no longer applies Temporal Rift, renamed to Auto Attack
  • Stretch Time cooldown reduced to 3.5 seconds, range increased to long
  • Compress Time cooldown changed to 12 seconds
  • Quick Reactions now gives an additional +10% Hit Chance
  • Quick Reactions description updated


This class received several bug fixes and buffs, to better reflect intended performance in common situations. Due to mechanic changes, the DoT on Call Guardian Dragon became more overwhelming to manage, so damage output on it was lowered in favor of Essence Orb being a more direct health cost. Damage was increased greatly on Call Guardian Dragon in compensation.

  • Grimweld’s Blessing now ACTUALLY increases Endurance by 250% (before, it was +150%, for a total of 250%)
  • Imbue Armor heal increased
  • Disciple of Dunamis effect increased to 35% physical and magical damage increase
  • Hypercritical effect increased to 50% crit chance and hit chance, and now also increases crit damage by 50%
  • Celerity duration increased to 15 seconds
  • Burning Rage effect increased to 25% damage and crit chance
  • Essence Orb damage increased
  • Call Guardian Dragon damage drastically increased
  • Scorching damage reduced
  • Imbue Armor description updated


Like what you see? Want to share your thoughts with the team? Send a message to the Class Balance team and Alina_AE on Twitter or in our official Discord server.

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