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October 11, 2016

This weekend: 8th Birthday

Two-Part Saga Finale and AQWorlds 8th Birthday Coming Soon!

This weekend, log in to and help us celebrate 8 years of epic battles, crazy monsters, and victories with the finale of the Throne of Darkness Saga! 

This weekend, unlock the ArchPaladin Class, exclusive rare and farming reward gear, battle through your favorite birthday maps and more as we celebrate our 8th birthday!

Birthday Events

  • Battle through the finale of the Throne of Darkness Saga
  • Return to the Secret Underground Lab for a new birthday rare 0 AC pet from the Server Hamster
  • /Party on at BattleCon and explore our in-game convention
  • Face off against ULTRA BrutalCorn once more
  • Begin the quests to unlock Artix's ArchPaladin CLASS or buy it for 2000 AdventureCoins
  • Find the 8th Birthday Rares shop in your game menu and in the /darkthrone finale hub map
  • BEGIN the quests to unlock Gravelyn's DoomFire set -- it's not going to be easy, but the gear WILL all be 0 ACs for those who unlock the rewards!
  • The 7 Years Membership and 400,000 AdventureCoins Achievement tracker rewards go live this Friday! (the 8 Years Played NostalgiaQuest zone is coming later this month)

Saga Finale AND Birthday? WHY?!!?!?!

Good question! Artix wanted to have the 2 finale releases come one right after the other. We were planning to release them at the end of September, but once I heard what the finale plot was... I convinced him to make this our 8th birthday event, as well.

The birthday event will also hint at the darkness to come in future releases, unlike the one-off birthday events of the last few years. We've hinted at dark things happening in Swordhaven, in Darkovia, but really... the entire WORLD is battling the darkness and chaos that came with the release of the Queen of Monsters.

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