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December 01, 2017

This Weekend: Dragon of Wrath, Part 1

The 7 Deadly Dragons Saga continues this Friday!

Rage is one of the deadliest emotions a hero can experience… and anyone can succumb to its power. This weekend, log in and battle alongside Artix and Galanoth as we confront Gorgorath, the Undead Dragon of Wrath, in the newest 7 Deadly Dragons saga update.

Wait... Artix AND Galanoth?!

Oh yes. Galanoth is the most logical choice to battle dragons anywhere, anytime. But if you're going to face down an UNDEAD dragon, you know Artix is going to want to get in on the action! So this week, you'll have two of your most favorite and loyal companions to help you in the fight. (... We hope.)

Battle Gorgorath to get the pieces of the Draco Mori set

Did you say Part 1?

I did. Memet (the lead writer for AdventureQuest Worlds) really loved Artix's idea for the Dragon of Wrath story. But we wanted to add juuuuuust a bit more to it, to flesh it out. So Part 1 will arrive with this Friday's release. It will be a contained story, with all the usual rewards you'd expect. In January, we'll continue Gorgorath's story with Part 2 in the Dragon's Boneyard. You'll also get the final key for the Heptagonal Chest (if you press your ear to the box, you can hear a "tap tap tap"ing and a mysterious rustle).

UPDATE - If you purchased an upgrade package after 4:30 PM EST (when the release went live) but before 6 PM EST tonight (when the packages/bonus go live), we'll run a query on Monday to make sure you get your upgrade gear / bonus ACs.

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