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September 28, 2016

2016 Achievement Tracker Updates

The more you play, the more rewards you'll unlock!

Every time you log into AQWorlds, you've got some goal - whether it's to meet up and battle alongside your friends, rank up your class, or finish that last Chaos Lord Saga and start the Queen of Monsters storyline - and the sense of satisfaction when you accomplish that goal is one of the best things about playing AQW! But if you think you've done everything inside AQW and gotten all the best gear... guess again! The Achievement Tracker is HERE!

NEW Achievement Tracker Rewards for 2016

  • 8 years played: 
  • 7 years membership: 
  • 400,000 ACs: 

The 7 Year Membership and 400k AC rewards will launch with the Throne of Darkness AQWorlds 8th birthday event on October 14th! The 8 Years Played NostalgiaQuest reward will unlock later in October.

400,000 ACs Reward: DoomFire Warrior Set

Unlock the 8 items in the DoomFire Warrior set plus bonuses after you've purchased 400,000 AdventureCoins!

7 Years Membership Reward: DoomFire Guard Set

Unlock the 8 items in the DoomFire Guard set plus bonuses once you have been a member for 7 years!

8 Years Played Reward: NostalgiaQuest

Unlock an exclusive map featuring the original Battleon design, classic quests with new flavor (and rewards!), the Pizza Hut House and armor, plus some of the first rewards ever introduced, but with more bonuses!

For those of you just experiencing your first Achievement Tracker Update, you're probably wondering...

What IS the Achievement Tracker?

If you're just hearing about the Achievement Tracker, it is one of the ways we reward you for staying, playing, and supporting AdventureQuest Worlds!

  • Time Played Badges track how old your account is (1 week, 1 year, 5 years, etc)
  • Sagas Completed Badges track which of the main storyline sagas you've finished
  • Loyalty Badges tracks the support our Legends and AC buyers have contributed

Some of these rewards may take a while to unlock, but don't worry... they will never leave, so you can keep battling towards your goal!

  • 3 different achievement categories: Sagas completed, Time Played, Loyalty
  • 51 badges and 200+ items
  • 3 of the badges are NEW this year: 8 years played, 7 years upgraded, and 400,000 ACs
  • 200+ permanent reward items for you to unlock, including the NEW gear below! 

And the best news: ALL of the progress you've ever made count towards the Achievement Tracker! 

How to unlock your rewards:

  1. Once you see an achievement unlocked on your Tracker, head in-game
  2. Open up your Book of Lore and go into the Achievements tab
  3. Scroll through your badges until you find your new badge and its shop
  4. Open the shop and get all the gear (0 ACs for free storage!)

See all the REST of the Achievement Tracker rewards and how to get them here: Achievement Tracker Post

A Note about Gravelyn's DoomFire Armor Series

The two sets featured above are part of a ShadowScythe set series designed by Tana Pyre, legendary AQWorlds artist, to honor the dark majesty that is Empress Gravelyn! The two variants above are only available in the Achievement Tracker.

Once you've finished the Throne of Darkness finale, you will unlock a quest for Tana's version of Gravelyn's 2014 set (base design by Diozz)... IF you meet all the requirements!

Because Gravelyn (and her Shadowscythe-themed gear) is so popular, we've got a number of different ways you can unlock the gear. 3 of the 5 sets will be permanently available, while the other two will go rare once their availability runs out.

There are five sets total in Gravelyn's DoomFire Armor series:

  1. Gravelyn's DoomFire set: quest for the set unlocks after you complete the Throne of Darkness Saga
  2. DoomFire Guard set: 7 Years membership achievement tracker reward
  3. DoomFire Warrior set: 400,000 AdventureCoin achievement tracker reward
  4. Gravelyn's BrightFire set: Future Limited Quantity Package
  5. Dark DoomFire set: rare Black Friday Shop gear

Achievement Tracker Rewards: The Whys and Whats

Over the last week or so, I've seen questions about why the DoomFire armor sets were chosen for these achievement trackers and frustration that the rewards are unattainable. I understand that frustration.

Though we all play in our online game world, we all live in the real world. We know most people would like to have more time, more energy, more money... more EVERYTHING. But since we don't, everyone needs to make careful choices about how they spend the time, money, and energy they do have.

It's why - when we were first building the tracker - we made sure that two of the three categories could be unlocked just by playing the game. It's also why we want to make sure that for you guys who have unlocked the achievements get some of our best, coolest, and most bonus-laden rewards.

A "reward" is, by definition, something that must be earned. It's given in return for service, merit, hardship, etc.

  • For players who unlock the "Time Played" badges, the achievement tracker gear is a reward for their dedication and stamina, for staying with our community.
  • For players who unlock the "Sagas Completed" badges, the achievement tracker gear is a reward for their skill and drive to complete the many in-game sagas.
  • For players who unlock the "Loyalty" badges, the achievement tracker gear is a reward for having the desire and ability to financially support the development of the game.

Do we expect every player to unlock every badge? No. We know time, money, and energy are finite. But for those of you who DO unlock badges, we want to make sure that we have rewards you're likely to enjoy. (Side note: badges are created once we see that a number of people will have them in the next year.)

Achievement tracker gear is a bonus, an extra bit of "oomph" to make the act of reaching the goals even more awesome!

For those of you unlocking new achievements this year, I hope you enjoy your bonuses! For those of you who are SO CLOSE to beating that saga or reaching that anniversary, keep at it! For those of you who have helped allow us to continue updating each week, thank you for your support! 

Remember: none of the achievement tracker rewards go rare. If you can't get the thing you want today, it will still be here tomorrow, next month, and next year!

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