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December 18, 2012

2013 is Almost Here

Defeat Kezeroth for a New Year of Releases!

Sharpen your blades, hone your daggers, and polish your staves, because the battle against Kezeroth the World Ender and the Beast Quetzal draws closer! We must band together to fight, and we will NOT let our world end! We can't, because we've got a whole YEAR of epic releases coming in 2013!

We MUST win to begin 2013!

Here's SOME of what we're planning to release in AQWorlds next year:

  • Aid the Lumina Votari in defeating the Nocturan Creed to ensure the sun rises for the New Year!
  • The next Chaos Lord is gathering a lion’s share of Lore's free agents!
    The 11th Chaos zone begins in January!
  • More tradeskills: spell-scribing and blacksmithing are still in development!
  • Some of the locations you'll visit in 2013: Vileforge Cavern, Hawkstone Peak, Amberheart Falls (massive dungeon crawl!), the Battle Coliseum, and more!
  • Guilds Phase 2 - customizable Guild Halls/Towns!
  • A version of Drakath's Portal where you can see which of the Chaos Runes you've unlocked!
  • Chaos Lords 12 and 13 have yet to reveal themselves... but you will learn their identities soon!
  • Drakath waits before the Chaos Gate! Are YOU prepared for the final confrontation?

The Lumina Votari await you, Hero!

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