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October 09, 2020

Battleon for our 12th Anniversary Event

Log in for gifts, your /birthday party, and more!

Welcome to your AQWorlds' 12th Anniversary party, Hero, and thank you for battling alongside us! Another birthday event is here, and with it comes a dragon's hoard full of loot, gifts, and exciting adventures for you to journey on. /Party up with your friends and head in-game this weekend. 

Log in NOW as we continue our month-long 12th Anniversary celebration!

  • Head to Battleontown to /party with all your favorite NPCs and friends from across our game universe... like The Hollow, Tomix, Verylrus, and more! Each NPC has words of congratulations, shops, or quests for you to take.
  • "Sign" our Guest Book by posting on the event page here: Sign the Guest Book
  • Head to the /birthday map to see even more friends, battle the 12th Anniversary Cake for delicious goodies and rare drops
  • Battle through the next chapter of our Shadows of Chaos story in the Mirror Realm
  • Talk to Zorbak in Battleon to quest for the pieces of the seasonal 0 AC Royal ShadowSlayer set
  • Find the 12th Anniversary Event Shop + Eternal Dragon Collection Chest in Battleon
  • All upholders can find 12 new Lords of Order-themed Star Swords in the Merge Shop in /dragonroad
  • The Upholder-exclusive Sentinel Class has been buffed! Check out the Design Notes for more information.

Plus, each of the Game Leads' NPCs has their BattleCon shop featuring imported gear from their games for you to check out.

Our Gifts to You: House Size Increase

Last week, we gave all eligible heroes 500 free AdventureCoins as our way of saying thanks! for playing AdventureQuest Worlds during our 12th anniversary. This week, we continue our month of gifting: we've increased the room cap on ALL houses in AQWorlds. Your house will now hold up to 25 heroes. 

Battle on for Birthday Gear

Talk to Zorbak in Battleon and complete his quest to create the first in part of the 0 AC Royal ShadowSlayer armor set! Find more pieces of the set released later this month.

Don't miss our newest class: Dragon of Time

AdventureQuest Worlds turns 12 this year, and our anniversary celebration begins October 1s with our 12th Upholder promotiont! Then, return this Friday, October 2nd as we start our month of gifts, events, and more with the return of our Mogloween hub town and... a new Tier 2 class -- the Dragon of Time!

Story Release: Shadows in the Mirror Realm

We continue the Shadows of Chaos Saga this weekend. Battle to defend BrightFall from Malgor's ShadowFlame army as he quests for the Amulet of Order and save Empress Gravelyn the Good's home.

Unlock all-new reward gear this weekend as you battle monsters in /shadowoff and /brightshadow.

Later this month, find...

  • 11th and 12th Upholder Star Sword accessories in /DragonRoad
  • New Achievement Tracker rewards
  • New Mogloween event rares

Thank you

You make our games possible, and for that Artix, the AE team, and I /salute you! Here’s to another 12 years and more battling to save this world and all the future ones we journey through together.

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