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January 18, 2013

Epic Items Arrive Tonight

After You Battle Through Lion's Keep...

Check out the newest gear in Battleon's Helper Pet Shop!* Our two new helper pets want you to look your best before and after every battle! Upgrade to take Sergeant Snipps (of the Barber Brigade) along with you, or pay Daro 1,000 AdventureCoins to travel with you!


Sergeant Snipps allows members to customize their hair, eye, and skin color while Daro will alter any color-customizable armor his owner has equipped!

You can still /join Yulgar to use the color customization room there, but Snipps and Daro will travel with you wherever you go, making sure you look picture-perfect in every screenshot you take!

* These pets will not go rare. Soon they'll make the move to Aria's Pet Shop in Battleon Town.

New Gear in the WitchHunter Shop!

Hunt the creatues of the night in the GrimStalker armor! We're adding NEW gear to the Season of the WitchHunter shop in Battleon: the Battle Chimera Familiar and the regular Chimera Familiar. 

And when it comes time to battle the witches, lichs, and undead of Lore, do not leave home without your instruments of purification! 

Verification Shop Weapons Arrive Tonight!

Upgrade in the original AdventureQuest, DragonFable, or MechQuest to unlock access to the Verification Shops! In addition to the new versions of the classic armors the shops received last week, you will also be able to access the new weapons we are adding later tonight!

Guardian Prime Blade, DragonLord Prime Blade, StarLord Laser Prime

Don't Miss Tonight's Story Release!

Relive a special, expanded version of the assault on Lionfang's Keep! If you missed the original event, you're free to play through it on your own, but we suggest bringing a party of your strongest friends to storm the Keep! Battle through an expanded map, new quests, gain access to NEW rewards, and see updated versions of the cutscenes!

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