Design Notes

April 23, 2014

More Goodies in the Tower of Doom

Want to glow in the dark?

On Friday, you collected Monster Trophies in the Tower of Doom to trade for Zoshi's gorgeous Marrowfiend sets. But those sets were based around the look and feel of the top half of the tower. What about all of the people who liked the dark caves of the lower half, filled with glowing stones and fungus?

I got your glowing stones and fungus right here.

To fill this dark void, we've added these two new sets. The Bioluminous gear, worn by the gentleman on the right, can all be purchased from the Monster Hunter merge shop for Monster Trophies, and is available to all players. For those who prefer a fancier look, the glowier (and Legend-only) Bioluminous Amarita set, shown on the right, is available as drops from the bosses in the lower half of the tower.

In the Monster Hunter merge shop:

  • Bioluminous Armor
  • Bioluminous Cloak
  • Bioluminous Hood
  • Bioluminous Mask

Dropping from the bosses:

  • Bioluminous Amarita Armor - drops from Slugbutter
  • Bioluminous Amarita Cloak - drops from Dread Avatar
  • Bioluminous Amarita Hood - drops from Dread Fang
  • Bioluminous Amarita Blades - drops from Dread Warrior

April 18, 2014

Now Live - Tower of Doom

Battle through 100 Levels of Terror!

What dark and deadly creatures wait at the top and bottom of this death-trap? Battle increasingly-difficult monsters on your way to the top of the Tower of Doom. Then, take on more and more challengers as you fight your way to the lowest level of the Tower! You won't be able to skip any levels in the Tower of Doom, so the only way to reach the last boss is to fight through ALL 100 floors!

Even Creel Wants This Sword.

This dungeon crawl is epic. We've taken a giant spire and filled all 100 floors with every kind of monster we could think of, and then added a boss - all familiar faces to you old-timers! - every 10 levels. The monsters get increasingly difficult as you progress through the tower, so not only is completing this dungeon something to brag about, it's also a great place to farm gold and XP, no matter what level you are.

Hunt for the Eternity Blade - and other awesome loot!

Heroes level 30 or above will be able to unlock a special quest to hunt through the Tower of Doom for the fabulous Eternity Blade! You'll be able to get the quest from Zoshi in the /towerofdoom map. This awesome sword is available to Legends and free players alike, and switches between two looks when you click its hilt. Keep it - in the near future, it will give you a chance to experience the most brutal battle you've EVER seen!

You'll also collect Monster Trophies as you fight through the tower, which you can use to unlock exclusive gear in the Tower of Doom merge shop. To access the shop, just talk to Zoshi in /towerofdoom.

Made from all your monster trophies...

From Beleen To Tendou

As a special "thank you" to Tendou for helping her in such a huge way with contest judging, Beleen has released a special superdeformed "Tendurrr" pet! You can get this cute lil guy as a rare drop from Dark Makai from /nulgath and /tercessuinotlim.

Wolfhound Warrior Set & Fantasty Hero Pass

Unlock all 11 items in the Wolfhound Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set! Or, get the Fantasy Hero Package Pass to unlock ALL the fantasy hero gear with one pass!

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