Design Notes

April 02, 2014

Time For Rabbits and Recycling

This Friday: Captain Lore Returns! 

Captain Lore is back and he needs your help again! In the past, you've helped him liberate his eco-friendly energy platform from that dirty villain, General Pollution! Now, he needs your help to fight on the side of nature to keep a smog-spewing factory closed for good.

Captain Lore, Environmental Hero

This Friday, /join totengeld to join Captain Lore in his battle against the evil CEO of Totengeld Industries. Fight through his legion of industrialist minions to shut down his toxic factory permanently - and save Lore from his nefarious plan to dominate its citizens with mind-altering energy drinks.

Grenwog's Back Too

Recycling not your thing? That's ok - hop over to BattleOn instead and start hunting for all the eggs we've Grenwog has hidden to unlock the Vorpal Bunny pet. Then, /join Grenwog and fight Grenwog himself for a chance to get one of the new 2014 Grenwog pets!

We know you like fighting giant rabbit... things

Yep, that's right. Pets, as in plural. What are they? That's a secret for now, but we'll have more information for you soon!

Also Coming This Week

  • The Winter Seasonal Shop from Twilly in Battleon leaves... and Oishii's Spring Seasonal Shop arrives! Get your Tempest Set this week!
  • We will be releasing the Golden Forest Warrior set tomorrow, as well. This armor was created along with the Forest Warrior armors for our Paymentez package, but was not released with them. If you like the gear, then here's your chance to get your hands on some of it!
  • The Archmage of Light and the ArchMage of Darkness armor sets will arrive in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny (and their merge shops) this Friday, too!
  • Also coming before Friday: the Bright Arachnomancer and the Pink Pandora's Blade (as part of the war challenges)
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