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April 26, 2012

Artix vs Sepulchure Video

Help us spread the word!

Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive comments and enthusiastic feedback on Twitter, FaceBook and the Forums. However, only people who saw it in game know about it. Most people have not seen it or even heard about this video yet! While this is still hot and brand new, please help us show this stop motion video to the world!

Help our game community spread the video! Here is what to do:

  • Watch the video all the way through on YouTube:
  • While watching on YouTube, hit the THUMBS UP button and post an awesome comment!
  • Tweet the link to the video on Twitter!
  • Share the video on FaceBook!
  • Tell any website owners, web comic creators, game blogs about it and ask them to post it!
  • Tell Counter656 he did a great job! (This does not help promote, but it sure will make him feel good!)
    • Remix the video footage into music videos and post it... send us the links so we can re-tweet
    • Create other bizzare, weird videos from the footage... it is ok, you have my permission. Just be sure to put in it and give Counter656 credit... OH...AND link us so we can laugh too!
    • Oh... how will you get the video footage? You could rip it illegally out of the YouTube post... OR... you could just download the original file right here (169MB),  in my personal folder with my full permission and blessing. (What other game studio would do that!?) Go forth... create awesome! 

Thank you in advance friends! These are the moments that define our incredible gaming community... those of you who do the above are the reason an indie game company like us can stay in the fight with the corporate titans of this industry. Battle on!

P.S. We will be posting a video of Beleen doing a 3D game motion capture test tomorrow on
P.S.S. NEXT week... the new DoomWood Saga begins for ALL PLAYERS!

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