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March 21, 2013

MegaCon 2013 Review


Cosplay, Wrestling, and Craziness

First... yes, the rumors are true. I faced the evil Chairman Platinum in a "Stink Face" match at the MegaCon 2013 convention last weekend. What is a "Stink Face" match? Trust me... you do not want to know. But I get the feeling that is not going to stop you from watching the video that will be posted here later this week. I regrettably promise to post you a link here on as soon as it is live. But until then... it is STORY TIME!

Artix beckoning Chairman Platinum into the Ring
This weekend, we had a cross over event in AdventureQuest Worlds with the stars of the TV show Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling. While their wrestlers appeared in our game event, I participated in their LIVE Wrestling Show at the convention. Originally, I was just supposed to show up and say a few words. But during as I was throwing action figures into the crowd and addressing the audience, EbilCorps Chairman Platinum snuck into the ring behind me and broke a briefcase over my head. The result? We decided to end this once and for all. A special match was agreed upon... but instead of facing me himself, Chairman Platinum chose the dark and spooky MCW Wrestler "Blixx" as his champion!!! Realizing I was in an awkward situation, the MCW Wrestler "Meatball" offered to be my Champion. But there was a catch... this was to be a Stinkface match. Whomever's champion lost was to get a "Stinkface" from Meatball. I dare not utter  what this means, but there is a reason why we did not put Meatball's signature special move in the video game. The match took place at 4pm. Needless to say, Chairman Platinum started cheating and we both finally ended up in the ring. If you want to see the outcome... you need to wait for the video. Until then, You should check out the event in game!
Chairman Platinum could not get more BOO's if he lived in a haunted house

To the Hospital!

No good match ends without a trip to the Hospital. But this trip was not for any of us. When we heard via Twitter that an AQWorlds player was sick in the Orlando Hospital. So... the ENTIRE MCW Wrestling Crew and I went over to cheer him up :-) The nurses were surprisingly cool about an armored Knight and 13 midget wrestlers storming through their Hospital. The young patient was certainly happy to see us and we all had a blast. I am even more excited to let you know that as of today he has been released from the hospital and is recovering.

Basket Ball On!!!

Meanwhile, warriors wearing the Artix Entertainment Dragon are waging war on a very different type of Battlefield. (Backstory incoming...) A few weeks ago I got word that a highschool basketball team needed help getting funds to enter a tournament. We were honored to help. We created some shirts for them (Yergen designed it) and they sent us a picture back! Thank you guys and do your best!


AdventureQuest Worlds Improvements!

As you have surely noticed, we have been making a lot of ambitious improvements across AdventureQuest Worlds the past few weeks. The feedback from the new town, loading screen, and interface changes have been overwhelmingly positive. While we continue the main storyline, we are also going to fix the Book of Lore and also do a HUGE improvement to the world map. May the fates favor your battles during the Chaos Beast Fight this Friday!

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