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September 12, 2011

No place like home... page!

And 10/10 Birthday Teaser

For the next two weeks I am back on the AQWorlds team to do special projects*! First and most importantly, AQWorld's 3rd Birthday is coming up next month (October 10th). So we are literally 3 days away from signing a deal with a popular and very famous** special guest band! Wish us luck. Second, I am working with Alina and Miko on fixing and adding new pages to the website. We are going to make pages for classes, dungeons and more. We are also going to overhaul the player support section (probably of all the games) Third, I am working with Zhoom, Reens and Yorumi on mega bug/lag/wierd-thing fixes. The to do list is pretty long... and we are going to need your help. For example, what do you think should actually be on our homepage***? Meanwhile, this week's release will include the next Horc vs Troll adventure and Talk Like a Pirate Day! (or... um... weekend! Do I smell Platinum Naval Commander?)

* Special Projects: Roughly translated....  I get us into trouble. The rest of the team gets us out.
** Not saying who, but they might be huge!
*** Please note: AQWorlds is a no-pony zone.

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