Design Notes

February 11, 2011


GAME-TASTIC! Happy Heroes Heart Day

Which game will you love the most? Today is day 5/5 of our one week game making challenge and the games are ready for you to play! As you may already know, this week the entire company split up into small teams of 2-3 with the goal of creating new games. You can say we took a break from building games... to build games! It was challenging, exciting and everyone had a good time unleashing their creativity. The entires include an organism music game, 3D mecha game, a live action game, a fat panda, an isometric scroller with Thyton making wierd noises for the music and more! Play them all and vote by clicking the face book like button and by voting on the forums. We cannot wait to see what you think!

Play ALL 9 of our new minigames

P.S. Also.. the AQWorlds BattleOn Battle Cards went to the printers!!! We are going to have a card game soon!!!!!


February 07, 2011

Gametastic! Day 1 of 5

Let Mortal Game Making Combat... BEGIN!

This week, the entire Artix Entertainment team (from all games) are making game! Read the original Game-tastic design notes post for full details. We just had our kick-off meeting and 9 teams have entered the competition. With only 5 days to for each game to create a game, the pressure is on! (We have a funny idea of what it mans to "take a break".) Ai No Miko is creating a special page where you can see the... bizzarly named teams... and the list of games they are making this week. In addition to the 9 new minigames we are making for you this week -- look forward to the Valentine's Day releases in all games this week! Man, this is so EXCITING!
Which will go live here (Work in progress!)

AQWorlds the CARD GAME

We are preparing to send the official AQWorlds Anything-Goes BattleOn Battle Card game off to be produced. It is 110 cards of crazy battle mayhem for 2 or 4 players. It is simple to play, but there are so many exploitable rules that you can use your Armors, Pets, Weapons, Traps, Blocks, Specials, and Counters to do unthinkable creative and sneaky moves. Unlike most card games, everything you need for 2 or 4 to play comes in a single box.  It has been a hit with people who play AQWorlds and fans of card games who have not heard of us... yet. It comes with a code to unlock a special color customizable Card Caster Class (Name picked by players following me on Twitter!) For the past week, Mido and I have been working on the final card art and the wierd Mayan pyramid shaped box & art layout. In about two months it will appear on shelves in Toys-R-Us stores in the US. About 2 weeks after that it will be available at HeroMart so that everyone, anywhere can get it. Needless to say we have been in crunch mode which is why you have not heard from me.. in fact, before my team can start on the competition we have to finish the rule sheet and make sure everything for the card game is ready!


Today at 5pm EST, the rares shop from the special event will be closing. Forever! This is your very last chance to get items from the CTRL+AL+DEL Shop.

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