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December 04, 2013

Battle Wedding!?

Real-life Artix's wedding video

What happens in a video game creators wedding, stays in... nope. It goes right onto YouTube. This actually happened. Inspired by AdventureQuest Worlds weddings, the groomsmen wore Knight armor over their suits and you will not believe what happens next.  The only thing this video is missing is you... and we are going to fix that! Join us on Friday the 13th for the AQworlds  in-game wedding event!

Real Life Battle Wedding of Artix

If you find it worthy, please like and share this video.

Lord of the Wedding Ring coming Friday the 13th
Photo: Sylvain Gentile


February 07, 2012

Love is in the Ether

Artix's Love Story.... this FRIDAY!

Most of the things I write about are ghouls, gasts, and creatures of unspeakable darkness. So, the special love story I wrote for your Valentines Day release this Friday has me a little nervous. This is a unusual departure from the way we normally do things, and I suspect the ending will be controversial. There is something that I did not like in the real world... and I intend to change it in ours! Alina & Rolith read the script and occasionally burst out laughing. (But NOT at my boss monster.) I am VERY anxious to see what you think this Friday.

Valentines Event this Friday

Mia J Park will be voicing her lines

I posted a poll on Facebook asking if you wanted this love story to be voice acted. 900 of you said Yes. 29 said No.... and 97 voted for "Chuck Norris." (If Chuck Norris had won, would we have had to have gotten him?) Thank you -- we promise to do our best best! Mia, who's music will be featured in our Valentines day event lives in Austrailia. She will be recording her lines there. I found this video of her performing "Ever After" for a children's charity telethon. I love this song.... (A secret just between us: I played this song on repeat non-stop for three days while writing the script for this Friday's release.)

EBILCORP - A Name you can (NOT) trust.

OMG! Have you been following this story!? As previously posted, AE has been building a 3D video game (AQWorlds/HeroSmash members are to be invited to the first phase of the Alpha and Beta.) Last Friday, EbilCorp drones broke into AE's Secret Underground Lab and stole all of the 3D files and the classified game-server super computer couch (USB powered). In an act of arrogance, Chairman Platinum, the head of EbilCorp, blatantly posted the entire AdventureQuest 3D website right on the homepage, and claimed it was theirs. They did not even bother to change the website url's on the graphics -- they just crossed Artix's name off of the posts. Today, Chairman Platinum made a shocking video post. See for yourself!

EbilCorp Steals Artix's 3D Game

The AE team is not taking this lying down. Based on news in the newest video, Artix and all of his friends on Twitter are planning a course of action. Please do join in!

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