Design Notes

October 10, 2018

ShadowScythe General and Special Bludrutbrawl event!

Fight the team in Bludrutbrawl today at 5pm eastern!

The Class Council will be participating in /bludrutbrawl team pvp fights from 5pm+ eastern Thursday, October 11th on the Artix server. Look out for the new ShadowScythe General class on Class Council members!

Welcome to the ShadowScythe General design notes! First off, this testing version of the class will be available to members 1 week before official release. The skills below will likely be changed by the time the official release happens NEXT Friday. 

How to Get the Class 

You can obtain the test version of the class tomorrow (the 12th) if you're a member by speaking to Gravelyn in birthday /battleontown. The Member preview class will convert to a base class next week when the class is out for everyone!

Starting Friday, October 19th, you can get the class by...

  • Talking to Gravelyn in Battleontown to find the Class for 2,000 ACs or 
  • Collect merge items from the daily quest to create the Class or
  • Farm the boss for a 3% drop to get the merge items to create the class

Important details

  • Legends can earn the merge items 2x faster!
  • Both versions of the Class and gear will be permanently available. 
  • The AC versions of the armor, helms, cape, and weapon will have additional damage boosts.

Class Focus

We built this class with a focus on group PvP. It’s a niche we haven’t really focused on much and we wanted the Paladin-crushing General to be an absolute boss in group PvP. In fact, your Undead Rebirth straight up prevents Paladins (and LightCasters) from getting or giving several of their auras! Outside of PvP we also wanted it to hold its own as a farming class and we gave it some of the best sustain out there.

Description: Recommended Enhancements: Lucky, Hybrid. By the powers of of Noxus, you have been reborn as an Undead General! Paladins, Lightcasters and even High Lords tremble at your dark presence. Gather your undead army and take what is rightfully yours!

Stats: ShadowScythe Generals favor Strength, Intellect, and Endurance

Mana Regen: ShadowScythe Generals don't use mana. They gain power from submitting their defenses to Consuming Shadows.

Auto Attack: Shadow Slam
Deals damage on hit and grants a stack of Consuming Shadows which which debuffs your damage resistance by 4% and increases the damage done on all of your skills for 20 seconds. Stacks to 20. Also applies Overwhelming Shadows to your target, reducing their haste and damage by 10% for 2 seconds.
          Type: Physical
          ManaCost: 0
          Cooldown: 4 seconds
          AOE: 1
          Medium range
Rank 1: Shadow Blast
Disperse the shadows in a blast of dark energy. Deals damage to up to 6 targets and has a 50% chance to petrify them for 1 second. Applies 3 stacks of Consuming Shadows per target hit. You also gain Rush of Unlife which increases your haste by 40% for 8 seconds.

           Type: Physical/Magical
           ManaCost: 0
           Cooldown: 8 seconds
           AOE: 6
           Full screen range

Rank 2: Bone Picker
Rips the bones right out of your enemies! Deals damage to up to 6 targets and applies a stack of Consuming Shadows. Also applies a stack of Undead Assembly which increases your damage done and healing done by 10%. Undead Assembly lasts 15 seconds and stacks to 4.
           Type: Physical/Magical
           ManaCost: 0
           Cooldown: 6 seconds
           AOE: 6
           Full screen range

Rank 3: Undead Rebirth
You rebuild yourself. Applies a HoT that lasts 4 seconds. Your undeath creates an aura of decay around you preventing up to 6 hostile targets from healing for 4 seconds. Applies a Shadow Seal on you and your enemies which blocks your enemies from applying the following auras: Illuminated, Lumen, Light Wave, Soul Drinking, Abolish, Righteous Seal and Blinding Light. Shadow Seals lasts 10 seconds.
           Type: Physical/Magical
           ManaCost: 0
           Cooldown: 10
           AOE: 6 (hostile only)
           Full screen range

Rank 4 Living Dead
          Increases damage resistance to a max of 80% and prevents 10% of damage resistance debuffs.

Rank 4 Passive: Unblinded
          Increases your hit chance by 30%

Rank 5:  Shadow Void
Explode in a void of darkness. Deals massive damage to your primary target and less damage to up to 5 surrounding targets. Damage is increased by Consuming Shadows stacks and consumes those stacks. Damage always crits and can't miss. Also applies Crippling Fear to all enemies hit, decreasing their dodge and hit chance by 30% for 3 seconds.
           Type: Physical
           ManaCost: 0
           Cooldown: 12 seconds
           AOE: 6
           Full screen range

Rank 10 Passive: Sepulchure’s Blessing
          Increases your Crit Chance by 20%

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