Design Notes

November 11, 2016

TRIPLE server boost: ACTIVE!

Concentrating More Players onto Testing Servers

To help concentrate players onto the testing server, over the next few days, we will sporadically be turning on a TRIPLE boost to XP, Rep, Gold, and Class Points on the following servers:

  • Zorbak
  • Safiria

The boosts will be active for a couple hours at a time as we monitor the data. Log on and battle, and once you see the Server Message saying the boost is active, call all your friends and let's fill the servers as MUCH as possible!

The Nythera, Alina, and Cysero testing servers have been hidden to help concentrate player populations onto these servers.

The boost will return Sunday afternoon. Watch these Design Notes and my Twitter for boost status announcements.

Limited Time Rare Drop... only on the test servers!

If the triple boost isn't enough incentive for you to log onto the test servers... now you've got a RARE ITEM! Enter Zorbak or Safiria servers until Tuesday and battle the Lesser Groglurk in /marsh2 for a chance to get the Black Blood Blade until Tuesday!

Update: right now, there is a bug on the testing servers (thanks for finding it, guys!) with reward drops - the rewards are not dropping for everyone in a room at the same time. This bug will be fixed on Monday.

You *can* still keep farming for a chance to get the drop, but because of the bug, we will extend the leave date until Friday.

Player Feedback: FASTER servers!

InfiniteAE says: "Not gonna lie, I'm really blown away (amazed) on how FAST the test servers have gotten! Keep it up! I have lots of faith!"

Tyler: "Thank you for the triple boost! I didn't realize how fast the PTR servers are! Holy!"

vοrτεχrεαvεr: "The response time when transferring items from your inventory to your bank is incredibly fast!"

What To Do While Testing: Report Bugs

If you find any bugs while battling on the testing servers, please make sure you report them to the Bug Tracker at

PS: click this for a sneak peek of some of the Black Friday gear coming later this month! (Unless you don't like spoilers. Then... carefully do NOT click!)

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