Design Notes

September 23, 2010

Rares Arrrrr Goin’ Rare, Matey!

Quibble leaves Tomorrow, along with his 33 Rare Item Collection

Is it just me, or has this past week just flown by? Who gave Time a +15 Agility Buff? (and why haven’t I gotten a buff like that in real life? I need to have a word with the Time Travel Faeries… and the coffee maker…)

Since Friday is a day away, I should let you all know that Quibble is leaving tomorrow! Yes, the 15 Arcangrove-inspired items in his shop will vanish come sundown Friday along with those 16 awesome Talk Like A Pirate Day armors, captain hats, bandanas, and back items (+2 House Items!). So if you haven’t already plundered Quibble’s shop, now is your last chance!


Sure, you can wait another 361 days for the next TLAPD, but no one can say if those Rare items in Quibble’s shop will ever resurface. So your best bet is to do some last-minute AdventureCoin shopping in order to get your hands on the savviest loot in all the seven seas! And remember, you can store as many AC items you want in your bank for free and forever! Yaaaaar, it be true!

You can also earn AdventureCoins through 3rd Party Offers, ya know! And if you haven’t already (or just forgot about it), downloading the AQW Battle Bar allows you to earn ACs for each valid search you type in! I use mine every day. Not just for searching, the Battle Bar provides instant access to the Design Notes, Home Page, and Character Page! It’s pretty convenient AND earns me AdventureCoins! Sweet.


Arcangrove Part 4: The Ruins of Great Gilead

Finally you get a sneak-peek at what we have planned out for this week’s release! You are going to want to make sure that you have completed all the quests in Arcangrove, The Cloister, Mudluk Village, and The Natatorium so that you can journey to the magical city of the Great Gilead.

The Great Gilead was once thriving city of great magical achievement, but due to a terrible magical accident, it lies in ruins, deserted for more than a thousand years. It is now a place of study and quiet meditation for the spirit speaking Shamans. You must seek out Master Shaman Umbra in the Ruins if you hope to obtain the next piece of the Supreme Arcane Staff: the Wrap of Gilead.

gileadwepsJust a few Great Gilead weapons

You and your friends will embark on quests that will enlighten you on the Four Elementals of Lore: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Only when you have a deep understanding of these elements will you be able to confront the Guardian of the Gilead Wrap. Oh, and there will be an all-new puzzle that needs solving before you can take out the Great Gilead’s Boss!

I cannot wait for tomorrow! Which is going to come much sooner rather than later with that new agility buff applied to it. Someone give Time a speeding ticket, will ya? Thx!

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